WATCH: The 1975 Just Threw The Most Epic "Star Wars" Themed Halloween Show

1 November 2016, 10:21 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

star wars the 1975
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Do lightsabers come in neon pink?

Everyone else go home - The 1975 have won Halloween for evermore by going full Star Wars!


Currently on tour across the US, the band played an October 31st show in Pittsburgh all decked out in Star Wars-themed costumes that would put any cosplayer fully to shame!

Matty teased fans earlier in the day by hanging out in the street like this... 


Yep, that's Matty as Kylo Ren. Excellent. 

But you are NOT ready for what comes next...

They kicked off the show not with the usual "The 1975" intro but with the iconic John Williams theme song, the famous rolling credits appeared on screen with a brand new band logo in the style of the film, before Matty and co emerged in costume and busted into "Love Me".



Matty has a lightsaber! And his own guards!!! And did you spot the little Harambe tribute in the credits? RIP.

Matty also, occasionally, had some roses as an additional accessory, giving his villainous look more of a loved up vibe.




In fact, the entire bands' costumes were on-point!



Adam Hann was Han. Because of course he was!

However, for all us Star Wars fans, it is a little bit weird to see Kylo and Chewbacca getting along so well, especially as he (spoiler) killed Han in the last movie but, hey, maybe the best way to bring peace to the galaxy is to start a band together!



See - very peaceful!

Oh, and it gets better! Because not only were the band decked out in cosplay, so were the entire tour crew.

So instead of the normal boring changeovers of equipment, the lucky Pittsburgh crowd got to see this:



This is surely how all crew members should dress every day! Way more fun!

And, to top the whole thing off, the show closed with the iconic end credits from the movie. With a few twists thrown in:



Petition now for The 1975 to be the Cantina band in Epsisode VIII! Accept no substitutes! Come through JJ Abrams!

The 1975 return to the UK this December for an arena tour including two shows at London's O2 arena. We will be turning up in our finest Vader robes, hbu?


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