Are Troye And Panic! Planning A Collaboration?

7 December 2015, 14:59 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Brendon Urie Troye
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Dream Team

Troye Sivan's debut album Blue Neighbourhood dropped last week and a few of the more attentive listeners out there spotted a crafty pop punk reference during Allday's rap in "for him":

I'm about to bring emo back if you leave my home, I'd panic at the disco and you'd rather watch a TV show.

AllDay, "for him"

Incredible scenes.

And now Brendon and co have spotted the shout out too!

The fans had a LOT of feelings:

Yep, that's about what we expected...

So, Troye and Allday have shown Brendon some love and he clearly loves it. Only one thing to be done now...

You said it buddy!

We actually think Troye and Brendon would work great together with voices that compliment each other well. Plus both have a love of removing their shirts/hatred for clothes. And if nothing else, it would surely be worth it for the amount of fan and slash fiction it would no doubt inspire, probably involving a jealous Ryan Ross hiding behind a copy of Alt Press as he spies on Brendon and Troye going at it outside a Hot Topic store in a story entitled "I Write Sivan's Not Tragedies". Or something. We haven't thought it through.

Make it happen boys. There's still time to slip a new tune on to Death Of A Bachelor!

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