Meet The Girl You Can Thank For Troye Sivan’s “Wild” Artwork

26 November 2015, 13:00 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Troye Artwork Designer

By Alim Kheraj

We never knew loving (artwork) could hurt this good...

Troye Sivan's debut album Blue Neighbourhood arrives on 4 December (EEK! ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT!). 

But while we wait, we've been HAMMERING the WILD EP, and are still soooo drawn to the artwork. We weren't sure which genius managed to create such a magical creation but, with a little digging, we've found her and she's 100% amazing. 

Let's look at Wild artwork again, shall we?

Brb, just getting this blown up and put on our walls.

After a little (ok, a lot) of web-stalking we've decided that Taiwanese artist Hsiao-Ron Cheng needs to be our best friend as her work gives us aesthetic goals AF. 

This one makes us feel weirdly emotional...

Whereas this one fills us with childish joy.

Appaz, Hsiao-Ron Cheung only started working as an illustrator in 2012, but since then she's gone on to gain international recognition, be nominated for awards and have her work exhibited all over the world. Oh, and she's also one stylish creature.

We'd kill for this one on a t-shirt.

And we'd totes hang this above our beds.

Oh HAI Lupita.

Seriously, how talented is this woman!?

This is totally our aesthetic.

If you like Hsiao-Ron Cheng's art you can buy prints from January 2016 (post-Christmas shopping spree anyone?) and you can peruse her work on her website or on Tumblr.