Twenty One Pilots And Lady Gaga Fans Are Fighting Over This ‘A Star Is Born’ Poster

8 October 2018, 16:28

Twenty One Pilots A Star Is Born
Picture: Twenty One Pilots via Twitter/Warner Bros.

By Katie Louise Smith

Fans of 'A Star Is Born' are accusing the band of attempting to cash in on the film's success.

Here's a sentence we never thought we'd write: it appears as though Twenty One Pilots stans are embroiled in a weird Twitter feud with the stans of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. And it's all to do with a fake photoshopped poster the A Star Is Born poster featuring Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.

While promoting their new album Trench, the hilarious picture of Tyler and Josh posing on the ASIB poster was shared on the band's official Twitter account (Oct 6) alongside the caption, "make the right decision today at your local record store, online, or wherever cds are sold. our new album TRENCH is out now."

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And now, the Little Monsters and the Mini Coopers (yes, that is the official name of Bradley Cooper's fanbase) are at odds with the Clique over the poster because they took it as a shady and shameless attempt by the band to cash in on the hype surrounding the film and the soundtrack - which was released on the same day as Trench.


Clearly, this is just a bit of fun being had by Tyler and Josh on release day. It's not shady (ok, it might have been a little cheeky) but the Gaga stans initially did not respond well to the photoshopped poster. Maybe it was the wording that got people pressed ("make the right decision"), but whatever the issue, the two fandoms are now at odds and it's kind of hilarious.

The Gaga stans even went as far to edit the Trench album cover with Bradley Cooper and Gaga on the front in retaliation.


Some fans, who know that it's all just a bit of banter, are trying to keep peace between the two fandoms over the joke.


At time of writing, A Star Is Born is sitting at top the Worldwide iTunes chart. Trench peaked at number one shortly after its release on Friday. Trench, however, is currently number one on the Worldwide Apple Music streaming chart.

Regardless of chart positions, it's clear that both albums are full of bops, bangers and VERY GOOD SONGS. There's enough hours in the day to stream both.

But if you're thinking about going to the movies this weekend, go and spend your hard earned money supporting A Star Is Born instead of Venom. Just kidding, but not really. Bye.