Josh Dun’s High School Playlist Will Give You Major Nostalgia

4 October 2016, 12:23 | Updated: 27 December 2019, 17:36

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

We delved into Troye Sivan, Halsey and Years & Years Spotify playlists and they're amazing.

Ever wondered what your faves are listening to while they tucked up in bed with a hangover? Well wonder no more. We went sleuthing on the Spotify accounts on all your faves to find out what they've been listening to and the results are...interesting.

1. Troye Sivan has a hangover playlist. It has Spandau Ballet and Barry White on it.

It's not just old songs. It is a little depressing though. London Grammar? Bon Iver? Sam Smith? Damn, Troye's hangovers must be bad if he's essentially creating a playlist themed around emotional despair. On the positive side, it is 6.5 hours long which should see you through most of the hangover, or at least your first meal of the day at 7pm.

If you make it through your hangover, then head to his profile page for more playlists, including a bedtime playlist with is Fifth Harmony's 'All In My Head (Flex)' 11 times. Iconic.


2. Dua Lipa has a hair flip playlist, because she's sassy af. 

When Dua Lipa came into the PopBuzz studio for our podcast, she called me sassy. Obviously, this was the greatest day of my life, but Dua isn't a stranger to the sass herself, as this playlist for hair flips will attest.

So who is the sassiest of them all? Well, obviously, queen of ponytails Ariana Grande makes a feature, as does 'Hair' by Little Mix and 'Hello Bitches' by CL. Rather controversially, she does NOT include Willow Smith's iconic 'Whip Your Hair'. WTF? Aside from that, this is a banging playlist, though mind you don't get whiplash from all that hair flipping. 


3. Halsey has a playlist for photoshoots which includes songs (rumoured) to be written about her.

How do you know if you're living a fully glamorous life? When you have a playlist for photoshoots, that when. And that's exactly what Halsey has.

But what's really interesting is that a song rumoured to be about her is featured on the playlist (at the top, no less). It's no secret that Halsey and Matty Healy from The 1975 were dating for a bit and most people believe 'The Sound' is written about her (and she wrote 'Colours' about Matty). There's another four 1975 songs in total as well as a host of British indie bands like the Arctic Monkeys, Catfish & The Bottlemen and, erm, The Kooks. Strike a pose, hunni.


4. Years & Years' party playlist from 2014 is a serious contender for best Spotify list ever created. 

Gurrrrrrl, you might as well delete all your party playlists. It's over, because this is one the best Spotify lists I've ever seen. 

Any playlist that can go from Jennifer Paige to Sisqo to Wu Tang to J.Lo in a mere three hours is worthy of many repeat listens. It's also clear evidence of the handiwork of a musical chameleon, someone with a deep love of early 00's RnB and pure trash. This has Olly Alexander written all over it.


5. Josh Dun has a playlist of all his favourite songs from High School.

Imagine a little Josh Dun, on his way to high school with a CD walkman (lol) in his pocket, blasting out some old school tunes and dreaming of becoming a bonafide rock star. Well, now you can find out what he was actually listening to back in the day on this nostalgia playlist.

Yep, Josh made a playlist from his high school years and it's full of gems. It's like a full evolution of his taste; there's emo (Death Cab For Cutie), pop-punk (Sum 41 & Blink 182) and some indie vibes too (The Appleseed Cast & Bloc Party). We're living for the Coheed & Cambria too! We need more throw back playlists in our life.


Found anymore amazing playlists? Share them in the comments!