49 Twenty One Pilots Lyrics For When You Need The Perfect Instagram Caption

Twenty One Pilots

Taking my time on my Instagram caption.

Tyler Joseph is a lyrical genius. I know that. You know that. Everybody knows that. 

Twenty One Pilots' music has resonated with so many people, particularly when it comes to discussing mental health. So whether you need a lyric to help express how you're feeling, or you just want remind everyone on your feed how deep in the clique life you are, then this list of their finest lyrics will help you find the perfect instagram caption. 



1. My name’s Blurryface and I care what you think - Stressed Out

2. But it’s fun to fantasize - Ride

3. Behind my eyelids are islands of violence - Migraine

4. Life is up here but you comment below - Message Man

5. Sometimes quiet is violent - Car Radio

6. The clouds above will sing - Before You Start Your Day

7. So excuse us while we sing to the sky - Screen

8. Where we’re from, we’re no one - Hometown

9. But tonight, I’ll need you to stay - The Run And Go


10. My taste in music is your face – Tear In My Heart

11. I'm a pro at imperfections and I'm best friends with my doubt - The Judge

12. Our brains are sick, but that’s okay - Fake You Out

13. Silent, in the trees - Trees

14. I will plan to be a bum so I just might become someone – House of Gold

15. I will fear the night again - Truce

16. Can you save my HeavyDirtySoul? - HeavyDirtySoul

17. I was told when I got older all my fears would shrink - Stressed Out

18. I’m fairly local, I’ve been around - Fairly Local

19. I am not as fine as I seem - Migraine


20. Cold nights under siege from accusations - The Run and Go

21. The world around us is burning, but we’re so cold - Fairly Local

22. Shadows will scream that I’m alone - Migraine

23. Sometimes you gotta bleed to know that you’re alive and have a soul - Tear In My Heart

24. I know a thing or two about pain and darkness - Lane Boy

25. Set me free - The Judge

26. Get up, cause the world has left you lying on the ground - Johnny Boy

27. The few, the proud, and the emotional - Fairly Local

28. My friends and I, we got a lot of problems - Polarize

29. Together, let's breathe – Guns For Hands


30. Our brains are sick but that's okay – Fake You Out

31. I used to say, "I wanna die before I'm old but because of you I might think twice - We Don't Believe What's On TV

32. Taking my time on my ride - Ride

33. I’ll stay awake cause the dark’s not taking prisoners tonight - Ode To Sleep

34. I just wanna know what’s on your mind - We Don't Believe What's On TV

35. I’m wanted and on the run - Message Man

36. Our hometown’s in the dark - Hometown

37. I will carry all your names and I will carry all your shame - Johnny Boy

38. We’re broken people - Screen

39. You are out of my mind - Not Today

40. Sometimes to stay alive, you gotta kill your mind - Migraine


41. We’re dying with every breath we make - March To The Sea

42. I barely feel a smile deep inside me - A Car, A Torch, A Death

43. Sometimes we will die, and sometimes we will fly away - Taxi Cab

44. Friend, please remove your hands from over your eyes for me - Friend, Please

45. Put out the glitter that your soul hides behind - Before You Start Your Day

46. But I know, we’ve made it this far, kid - Migraine

47. Bulletproof in black like a funeral - Fairly Local

48. This ain’t a noose, this is a leash - Holding On To You

49. And now I just sit in silence - Car Radio