10 Reasons TØP Fans Should Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

23 November 2016, 11:44 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Twenty one pilots thanksgiving

By Alim Kheraj

Thirstgiving, amirite?!

As most of you know, November 24 marks the celebration of Thanksgiving, a day where people gather with their loved ones, possibly deep fry a turkey and ponder on what they, themselves, are thankful for. While many of these thankful thoughts are about people's lives and health, it's important to remember to give thanks to what really matters... TØP.

So here are 10 things Twenty One Pilots Fans can, indeed, be thankful for this holiday...

1) This.

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2) This.

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3) This too.

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4) Oh and this...

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5) Mmmm this.

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6) THIS! 

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7) This! Praise the LORDT!

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8) Ooooh this!

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9) THIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIiIIIiIiIiISSsss.

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10) And finally...

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Tyler truly said it best...



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