Some Fans Think Twenty One Pilots Deliberately Leaked Their New Song

28 August 2018, 13:14 | Updated: 28 August 2018, 13:21

Twenty One Pilots
Twenty One Pilots. Picture: Fueled By Ramen

By Mia Collins

It's like a classic whodunit: was it Apple Music, a fan or the band themselves?

Twenty One Pilots just dropped their 4th single from the upcoming album TRENCH, but all may not be as it seems.

Fans are speculating that the duo dropped the song as a response to a fan allegedly leaking the audio before it was due to be released. Prepare yourself, because this timeline is wild, and I have the receipts to prove it.

Back on August 21st, an advert for TRENCH played during a commercial break for the VMAs, and fans were quick to note that an unreleased track was being played in the background.

Well damn.

Since Tyler Joseph has a bit of a reputation for leaking his own music - remember when he literally posted the entirety of ‘Heathens’ online? - The Clique immediately starting cracking jokes.


Fast forward to yesterday, when an Apple Music error allowed for some fans to listen to the track early.


It didn’t take long for the entire track to be leaked on Twitter, and fans were divided on the matter.


Some fans even started to theorise that the band actually WANTED Apple to release the song early.

This fandom, honestly.

Now here’s where the story gets really crazy: hours later, Twenty One Pilots officially released the track and nobody can figure out if that was the plan all along or if this was done in response to the leak.


This isn’t the first time streaming platforms have released music earlier than anticipated. In fact, a very similar instance occurred when TØP were due to release ‘Levitate’.


It looks like the band isn’t taking the leak too harshly though, as Tyler is still interacting with fans on Twitter.

So… I guess everything worked out okay?

TRENCH is due to be released on October 5th (but let’s be honest, we’ll probably hear a few more singles / leaks before then).

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