Josh Dun And Drake Bell Are Working In The Studio Together

14 March 2018, 10:18

Josh Dun, Drake Bell
Josh Dun, Drake Bell. Picture: Kevin Winter, Christopher Polk

By James Wilson-Taylor

The TØP drummer was spotted on the Nickelodeon star's Instagram story earlier this week.

Twenty One Pilots may still be in the middle of a hiatus but that isn't stopping drummer Josh Dun from getting behind the kit elsewhere, with new video footage showing him in the studio with former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell.

Drake posted clips on his Instagram story earlier this week (March 12th) that show Josh playing along with a vocal track that could well be new music from the actor turned songwriter.


Fans were pretty excited to see their fave drummer back at work PLUS there was the added excitement of this collab putting a whole new twist on the classic pairing of Drake & Josh:

If you listen really closely, you can hear Josh Peck softly weeping in the distance...

So what does this mean? Is Josh doing some session work for Drake's new album? Is Drake just hanging out while Josh works on some TØP demos? Will they ever do that iconic TV theme song together? Time will tell.

Drake Bell's last musical release was the EP Honest back in 2017. Twenty One Pilots are expected to drop their new album later this year.

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