Twenty One Pilots' New Album Title And Release Date "Leaked" But We Have Some Bad News

27 November 2017, 15:18

Twenty One Pilots
Twenty One Pilots. Picture: Getty, Reddit

By James Wilson-Taylor

The skeleton clique got pretty hyped when a new title and drop date mysteriously appeared on the band's wikipedia page earlier this week.

Ever since they wrapped up the Blurryface-era earlier this year, fans of Twenty One Pilots have been hunting across the internet for any clue or detail they can find about the band's upcoming fifth studio album.

So, when a recent update on the band's Wikipedia page appeared to list the record's title and release date, a lot of fans got very excited.

Twenty One Pilots
Twenty One Pilots. Picture: Wikipedia

The page listed the band's new album as Silence with a drop date of February 11th 2018. The post has since been deleted. Silence has been a rumoured title for some time after the band posted the phrase on their social feeds and website to signify their current hiatus.

Posts on Tumblr, Reddit and Twitter spread these rumours further but, unfortunately, it is all just the work of an overeager fan. Just remember clique - anyone can add anything to Wikipedia so best to take certain "facts" with a pinch of salt. Similarly, the Panic! At The Disco Reddit page is currently occupied by many users promising to "leak" new material from the album. Again, we call bullsh*t.

Plus, as much as we'd love to get a new TØP album in Feb, we reckon Tyler and Josh are probably more likely to drop the record towards the latter end of 2018.

Either way, keep an eye on our album updates page to get all the lastest info about TØP5 as we get it.