Tyler Joseph explains emotional meaning of Twenty One Pilots' Redecorate lyrics

21 May 2021, 12:41

Tyler Joseph reveals his new pink hair in Twenty One Pilots Scaled and Icy promo

By Katie Louise Smith

Fans have also theorised that the song may be connected to Clancy's narrative.

They're back! Twenty One Pilots have officially returned with their brand new album Scaled and Icy which means it's time for fans to a) get theorising and b) get in their feelings.

The 11-track record has both sunny and upbeat numbers, dark and twisty songs and some really emotional moments, and in an interview for Apple Music, Tyler Joseph opened up about the inspirations and meanings behind a handful of songs on the album.

One of those tracks was the final song on the album, 'Redecorate', which has a really emotional and thought-provoking meaning. Fans also think it may tie into the Clancy narrative.

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Twenty One Pilots Redecorate lyrics: the meaning explained by Tyler Joseph
Twenty One Pilots Redecorate lyrics: the meaning explained by Tyler Joseph. Picture: Fueled By Ramen

Speaking in the interview, Tyler revealed that 'Redecorate' was inspired by a friend whose son had sadly passed away. He explained that they had told him that they didn't redecorate his bedroom, leaving everything exactly as he had left it.

Tyler explained: "I remember thinking how crazy powerful a story that is, and how it makes me wonder, like, 'What will people do with my stuff?' It can actually bring you back down to earth, to make sure that you don't make any horrible decisions. I'm realising now how difficult it is to talk about, but this song is really important to me."

The inspiration behind the track is clear in the chorus, as Tyler sings: "I don't want to go like this/At least let me clean my room/I don't want to leave like this/'Cause the last thing I want to do is/Make my people make decisions/wonderin' what to do/Should they keep it on display/Or redecorate?"

Twenty One Pilots - Redecorate (Lyric Video)

Tyler also added: "I love the messaging of it, and I hope that our fans hear what it is I'm trying to say in it. Because it is a bit delicate, but it's one of my favourite tracks and it's pretty powerful if you let it."

'Redecorate' has already become a popular track with fans on social media, with many appreciating and connecting with the powerful meaning behind the song.

Fans are also theorising how it may possibly fit into Clancy's narrative or be sung from his POV, as the first two lines of the track are sentences taken from one of Clancy's letters. At the start of the song, you can hear a distorted voice saying: "There was a wonderful structure to the city/and it put my cares to rest."

Got any theories about Clancy and 'Redecorate'?