Smash Mouth Are Fighting With Twenty One Pilots Fans On Twitter And WTF?

27 June 2017, 16:54 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 16:58

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The skeleton clique have gone to war with the 'All Star' hitmakers in the strangest online argument of 2017.

Well, here's a story we certainly didn't expect to write today - Smash Mouth, the Shrek-soundtracking All Stars you know and love, have got into an unexpected Twitter war with Twenty One Pilots fans. Yes, really.

It all began with this short exchange with a fan online on Sunday (June 25th).

smash mouth tweet 1


Hot damn.

Safe to say, some members of the clique were none too pleased and a 'healthy' debate soon followed.

smash mouth tweet 3


"If you're a fan you should know that". Man, that is some fighting words right there.

And it only gets worse...

smash mouth tweet 4


smash mouth tweet 5


smash mouth tweet 6


smash mouth tweet 7


Ok, seriously, what the fuck is going on here? Why is this debate even a thing? Why do Smash Mouth have time to argue with teenage TØP fans on social media? We have so many questions.

Smash Mouth have been walking it all back a bit and may have even just been playing with the clique the whole time:

smash mouth tweet 7 


Ok, but still - not cool bro.

At the time of writing, Smash Mouth are still in the middle of clique-baiting (see what we did there?) so we'll keep you posted if there are any further weird AF developments.

Because when it comes to online debates, it's never ogre.


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