16 Hilariously Stressed Out Responses To #TheCliqueIsGoingToJailParty

1 August 2016, 11:28 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

The Clique Is Going To Jail Party
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

"Cop: Excuse me, have you heard this song? *Plays Heathens* Me: *Nervously sweating*"

We *think* we may have been partly responsible for a hashtag that emerged on Twitter over the weekend thanks to this whole "Heathens" mess. After we published "Are Twenty One Pilots Heading To Jail Over 'Heathens' Leak?", the Clique errupted into chaos - #TheCliqueIsGoingToJailParty began trending on Twitter in response to the legal bombshell and it was lit.

The 'Party Hashtags' have become a bit of a thing over the past couple of months (#KimExposedTaylorParty, anyone?) but this latest event is honestly the best one we've ever been to. Here's some of the best responses to Tyler and Josh's potential telling off.

It was all fun and games until a few people realised it was actually low-key serious. 


I mean, the double standards that are happening in this industry are almost too much to handle.


There's a lot of denial happening in the Clique right now. 


But like seriously... what if The Clique are responsible for the leak?


It's ok... they'll never find us, will they?


And it starts sinking in that we all might actually be responsible too.


*changes all Twenty One Pilots songs in iTunes to Dolly Parton song titles*




Suddenly the lyrics make so much sense. Maybe this is all part of the Heathens experience?


It's like they predicted their future FFS!


OMG! You can now listen to *every* episode of the #PopBuzzPodcast right here! What are you waiting for?!

Ohhh, forget it. Let's just embrace it. What's the worst that could happen?!


The Clique that stays together, breaks out of jail together, right? RIGHT?!


At least we'll get some new merch.


And we'll finally all get to meet each other IRL!


See, it'll all work out in the end.


And once we've had enough, we'll just frame someone else for this mess.



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