Josh Dun Reveals That 'Trench' Will Be A Continuation Of 'Blurryface'

13 July 2018, 10:49

Twenty One Pilots
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Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Josh Dun spilled all the tea in his first interview of the TRENCH era.

On Wednesday (July 11) Twenty One Pilots ended their year-long hiatus and returned with two brand new songs, announced a world tour for later in the year and unveiled a new music video for 'Jumpsuit'.

Shot in a canyon in Iceland, the video featured several references to the Blurryface era. There were the burnt out cars that featured in the 'Heavydirtysoul' video, the red villain (who literally had a blurry face) and then the black, Blurryface style markings on Tyler's neck. You can find a deeper dive into the videos meanings over here.

Now fans have had a few days to digest the new music and pore over every little detail to learn more about the TRENCH era, there are several theories floating around the new album will continue the narrative from Blurryface.

twenty one pilots: Jumpsuit [Official Video]

In his interview since the comeback, TØP drummer Josh Dun seemed to confirm those theories. In a brief chat with radio DJ Annie Mac, Josh revealed that the TRENCH era picks up where Blurryface ended.

"Well the album is called Trench and it furthers the story a little, a continuation of Blurryface.... there's a full narrative. Musically, I'm really excited about it. I think it continues to be diverse and Tyler will call me and send me over a song or an idea and every one will be better than the last one."

So, if Jumpsuit was the first song to be written and all Tyler's ideas got better after that, just imagine how good the rest of the album is going to be?


Josh also gave a glimpse into the songwriting process behind 'Jumpsuit'.

"I remember near the end of the last tour cycle, Tyler and I were on tour and we would just play stuff at soundcheck and Tyler was on bass guitar and kinda playing that riff", he revealed. "I feel like maybe that was one of the first ones that was starting to be worked on while we were still on tour and over time it turned into what it is. I would say for me personally, I feel like it's picking up where we left off where Blurryface ended. It felt like the first track back to bridge that gap to go from one record to the next."

The interview is too brief for our liking but we're stilling living for these morsels of information about TRENCH. We can't wait to find our more about Clancy, DEMA and how Blurryface plays into TRENCH.