Tyler Is Tweeting As "Blurryface" Again - But What Does It All Mean?

16 December 2016, 10:54 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

tyler joseph
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Some new material from Tyler and Josh may be coming sooner than we thought...

UPDATE: 19/12/16

The long rumoured EP with MuteMath has now dropped and is available to download for FREE! Grab the tracks and watch the studio session now right here.



Twenty One Pilots' Tyler Joseph is back at it again, sending out a cryptic message as the character Blurryface...

In the now deleted message, a mysterious tracklisting appears from the long-silent @blurryface username. The Twitter account was previously used to share cryptic clues and details in the run up to the band's last album release.


That caption above is presumably meant to say "A new take won't make them love it." 

Hmm, intriguing...

Plus, Tyler has posed for a bathroom mirror selfie on Instagram, accompanied by the caption "gasstationbathroomiswhereiletyouin".

tyler joseph insta


Is he referring to the Blurryface character (aka the manifestation of his insecurities)? Or is this the first glimpse of a new era for the band?

Well, after some online digging, the strongest rumour appears to be that Twenty One Pilots are about to drop a remix EP and this is their way of announcing early details. 

Five songs have been recently registered online under the name TOPXMM which could mean they are remixes by Mute Math, TØP's former support act who's member Paul Meany previously remixed 'Stressed Out' for the band.


No word yet on when we might see it get released but we are sure Tyler's Twitter antics will keep us all guessing...

Keep checking back for all the latest on Twenty One Pilots' rumoured remix Ep.

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