Twenty One Pilots' Fifth Album: Title, Tracklist, Rumours & Everything We Know So Far

25 April 2018, 17:23

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

As Tyler and Josh hit the studio, we round up all the info we have on the upcoming new album from TØP.

With the long-awaited release of the video for 'Heavydirtysoul', Twenty One Pilots brought an end to the Blurryface era, capping off a year that took them from the world's biggest cult band to stadium superstars.

If there is one sure sign that TØP are gearing up to release new music, it's the plethora of fan theories circulating round the internet. The first was more like an elaborate prank by a couple of fans about a potential release (April 19th) linked to the amount of days since they last tweeted (280 days - 40 weeks) to the religious significance of the number 40 in Christianity and Tyler's faith. That, obviously, turned out to be BS.

Things stepped up a notch after the emergence of the Clancy theory. We've done a deeper dive over here about the theory but the tl;dr is that fans believe the new album might be called Clancy, or that a character called Clancy might be the focus on the album's songs.

And if that wasn't enough, fans then thought they'd figured out a release date. The theory is related to the previously mentioned Clancy theory and fans now believe that July 13th as the likely release date. Only time will tell (or, y'know, the band will announce a different date).

So what do we know for sure? And what exactly can we expect from their next record? We did some digging and have rounded up all the details we know so far about the fifth studio album from Josh and Tyler.

We'll update this page through the year as we get more info...


1) What is the release date of Twenty One Pilots' next album?

No exact release details are known but, as their touring schedule will take them through to the summer, it is safe to say that a 2018 release looks most likely for album number 5. Most whispers and rumours are pointing towards a summer release date. 


2) What is the title of Twenty One Pilots' new fifth album?

Again, no details yet although some fans do have a couple of theories...

Josh Dun popped over to Cleveland to pick up an award at the APMA's recently and made a little reference that has got a lot of fans talking during his speech:

"Tyler wishes he could be here, but he’s actually severing ties with dema".

According to Wikipedia, the word 'Dema' means "tower of silence". Could this be in reference to the closing eye images we've seen on their social accounts? Is it a hint at the future? Or is it just an elaborate metaphor for working on new music?


Then, there was the hidden message left on their official website that revelaed the words 'light' and 'echo'.

Could they be title options? Or are they just messing with our heads again?

Of course, now fans think 'Clancy' might now be a potential title too after those webpages were discovered by the clique. 


3) What will Twenty One Pilots new album sound like?

In an interview with Alt Press last year, Tyler revealed some of the initial ideas he's been playing with in the studio while out on the road.

I was working on something last night that I'm really excited about...Right now I think it would be a little less up-tempo than the last record. I would want to focus a little more on the lyrical content.


4) Will there be any collaborators on Twenty One Pilots' next album?

Eagle-eyed music fans spotted this tweet from Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo earlier today:


Could a collab be on the way? Rivers has made a habit of writing on other people's records in recent years, contributing to tracks for the likes of All Time Low, Charli XCX, Katy Perry and, perhaps most notably, co-writing on Panic! At The Disco's monster hit 'Victorious'. Fingers crossed he's got some ideas lined up for Tyler and Josh, we would certainly love to hear what their combination of styles would sound like.



5) What will the next Twenty One Pilots album be about?

In the same interview, Tyler pulled out a similarity between his new ideas and the band's self-titled record.

There are parts of the self-titled record that, production-wise and vocally...There are so many things wrong with that record, or at least perceived as wrong. But the authenticity, lyrics, delivery and the fearlessness of the songwriting, I'd like to try to take [TØP] back to that. It's really hard to write a slower song. I want to try to write some slower songs again.


But will we see the return of Blurryface or will the focus be on a new character or theme entirely?


6) Are there any more clues online about the next Twenty One Pilots album?

Twenty One Pilots appear to be hinting at their next era already!

The band wrapped up their epic Emotional Roadshow tour with a series of hometown gigs dubbed the Tour De Columbus, Tyler making an emotional goodbye speech to fans from the stage.

Then, on July 6th, the band's Twitter account began posting a series of cryptic images featuring past lyrics and messages reversed over shots of crowds at their shows, seemingly from the view of an eye slowly closing:







But most intriguing of all was this final tweet of the bunch:


What the frick does that mean? Is this what Twenty One Pilots new album cover will look like?

Notice that the famous lines that always go through the letter O in their name or lyrics has now moved over to the letter E which, of course, sent the clique into meltdown.

Even 13 Reasons Why star and noted TØP fan Devin Druid was sleuthing with the rest of the clique:


Solid question Devin.

So could the boys be back sooner rather than later? Or is this their way of annoucing that they are going away for a while?

We'll bring you more details on TØP's fifth album as we get them.

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