Twenty One Pilots' Website Has A Hilarious 'Error 404' Message & You Need To See It

17 August 2017, 13:28

Twenty One Pilots' Website Has A Hilarious 'Error
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The page makes reference to a certain famous chanteuse that Tyler and Josh have admired for a long time.

Twenty One Pilots have always been up for a good laugh, from Tyler and Josh's Twitter banter to their games of 'Extreme Phone Pinching', so it should be no surprise that their official website also contains a hidden joke for fans on the Error 404 page.

Reddit user SweaterChanged spotted the gag on the band's official merch page and screenshotted it for us all to enjoy.

So, what did the boys put on the site for when things go wrong? A Celine Dion reference. Obviously:

Twenty One Pilots


Tyler and Josh have long expressed their love for the singer, coveing Titanic classic 'My Heart Will Go On' during the Emotional Roadshow and Tyler even literally bowing to her as she took to the stage at the Grammy awards earlier this year.

We get it tbh. What a legend.

So, next time you head over to TØP's site, maybe see if there are any other reference to power ballad vocalists you can spot on there.