Tyler Joseph adorably trades Twenty One Pilots fan merch for Ned toy for his niece

25 June 2019, 16:04

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

A lucky Twenty One Pilots fan received $300 worth of merch after Tyler Joseph asked if he could keep their plushie Ned toy.

A Twenty One Pilots fan captured the adorable moment Tyler Joseph traded some merch with a concertgoer for a Ned plushie to gift his niece.

Reddit user leenathekid shared a video of the twenty one pilots frontman speaking to a fan over the weekend at a recent Bandito tour stop in San Antonio, Texas.

In the clip, Tyler spots the fan holding the plush Ned toy and asks "hey, can I have that?" The fan promptly hands it over as the crowd cheers and Tyler explains why it caught his eye.

"My little niece, her name is Mia...she's a little over 1 year old. And whenever she gets sick, or she's tired, all she asks for – I'm not even making this up – all she asks for is Ned. Over and over again."

Festival Esteres Picnic - Day 1
Festival Esteres Picnic - Day 1. Picture: Getty

Tyler explained that his sister shows Mia the "Chlorine" music video, which calms her down. Ned is, of course, the tiny creature that appears throughout the "Chlorine" video.

In a VK interview this year, Tyler opened up about what Ned represents. “Ned really does kind of represent a lot of things but specifically, I guess you would say it really represents this idea of creativity and trying to take care of it and trying to please it, or appease it."

Tyler Joseph Ned Chlorine music video
Tyler Joseph Ned Chlorine music video. Picture: Fuelled By Ramen/Screenshot

Tyler didn't leave the fan empty-handed, though. He made sure that they received some merch goodies for the favour. The fan confirmed that they'd been gifted $300 worth of merch and shared what they received on Twitter.

Iconique! What do you guys think? How AMAZING was this interaction?