18 Hidden Messages You Might Have Missed In TØP's ‘Nico and the Niners' Video

26 July 2018, 18:46 | Updated: 9 August 2018, 12:05

By Sam Prance

There is SO much to this visual...

Twenty One Pilot's are back in a major way. On July 11th the 'Stressed Out' hitmakers released not one but two new singles. Tyler and Josh wowed fans with 'Jumpsuit' and 'Nico and the Niners', as well as a stunning 'Jumpsuit' visual. They also announced that their new album Trench is coming out this October and that they are also going on a world tour. The skeleton clique have truly been blessT.

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To make things even more exciting, the boys have just surprised dropped a music video for 'Nico and the Niners' today. In it, we see Tyler (as Clancy?) seemingly stuck in DEMA (some info for those of you who are confused) intercut with scenes of an ominous hooded red cult. Tyler then joins forces with Josh who has banded together a group of people wearing yellow (the banditøs?) and they appear to try to escape the city.

Twenty One Pilots
Twenty One Pilots. Picture: Fueled By Ramen

If you're struggling to follow, it's set in the same universe as and adds to the story that TØP explored in the 'Jumpsuit' video. And, just like 'Jumpsuit' before it, it is stunning from start to finish and something that truly only TØP could come up with. They are giving us looks. They are giving us narrative. They are giving us e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

Watch the 'Nico and the Niners' video here:

twenty one pilots: Nico And The Niners [Official Video]

Unsurprisingly fans are already picking out easter eggs and finding hidden meanings in the visual. Here are just a few of the major ones that we've spotted so far.

1. It features the bird from the 'Jumpsuit' and 'Nico and the Niners' cover.

Nico and the Niners
Nico and the Niners. Picture: Fueled By Ramen

Right at the start of the visual Josh and Tyler reference their artwork. THEIR MINDS?!

2. It pans over the same landscape from the 'Jumpsuit' video.

Nico and the Niners
Nico and the Niners. Picture: Fueled By Ramen

Both videos were shot in Iceland.

3. Tyler holds the yellow flower from the 'Jumpsuit' visual.

Nico and the Niners
Nico and the Niners. Picture: Fueled By Ramen

At the end of 'Jumpsuit' Tyler is covered in yellow petals thrown by Josh and his crew, distracting him from the red hooded figure.

4. Tyler packs away the red beanie and sunglasses from the Blurryface campaign.

Nico and the Niners
Nico and the Niners. Picture: Fueled By Ramen

This represents TØP leaving the old era behind.

5. Josh’s outfit is a reference to the old bandanas that he used to wear but in the colours of the new era.

Nico and the Niners
Nico and the Niners. Picture: Fueled By Ramen

The boys are NOT messing around.

6. The handshake from the 'Stressed Out' video is back.

Our hearts.

7. As soon as Tyler is back with Josh again, the jumpsuit appears and it ‘covers him’ like in the lyrics of 'Jumpsuit'. This could also be a reference to the 'Heathens' video.


It gives weight to the theory from the 'Jumpsuit' video that the jumpsuit is a reference to Josh/his fans protecting Tyler.

8. The yellow tape actually has a deeper meaning.

We can't with how intelligent Tyler and Josh are.

9. TØP actually teased the city of DEMA in the Clancy theory before.

The references to the Clancy theory are rife throughout the video.

10. Tyler's wife and brother are secretly in the video.

Yes. We're pretty certain that Jenna AND Zack make 'Nico and the Niners' cameos.

11. The statue bears a striking resemblance to Josh.

Coincidence? We think not.

14. The video contains signs that it could take place before or after 'Jumpsuit'.

Both could make sense. We reckon that the boys will make things clear in the next visual.

15. Fans think that the end shows Tyler becoming a banditø.


16. There could be a major twist though.

No! This would be so sad.

17. A couple of people have noticed that the burned drums from the 'heavydirtysoul' video are being used again.

Except this time they are in yellow.

18. And in perhaps the theory to end all theories, people think that Tyler is going to return to social media now that he has seemingly escaped 'DEMA'.

Please let this be true!