Twenty One Pilots Billboards Popped Up In London Overnight

9 July 2018, 12:57

Twenty One Pilots
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Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

The band have just tweeted for the first time in year too.

Perhaps it shouldn't have come as a surprise that Twenty One Pilots' decided to begin their new era via an email with a GIF of an eye and the cryptic message: 'ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING?' This is a band, after all, that rarely does things by the book and love to keep their fans guessing.

But the email wasn't the first communication from Tyler and Josh. At least, not officially. Fans have been closely monitoring updates from a mystery website following the story of a man named Clancy. The website was discovered in a GIF on the TØP website and it unlocked a whole new world of theories about what this could possibly mean for the next TØP album.

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And that's not all. Fans in London shared photos this morning of billboards adorned with a new TØP logo against a yellow and black background but with no other information AND the band have just tweeted for the first time in a year - this time another GIF of an eye featuring the new logo and an image of a horse.

They've also updated all their socials with the new yellow artwork.

Confused? Here's a brief summary of all the latest theories that have been swirling round the internet.

'Are You Still Sleeping?' Twenty One Pilots Newsletter

As we mentioned above, the first 'official' communication from the band came via their newsletter. The title of the email was 'are you still sleeping?' and then the main body of the email contained a GIF of an eye. The eye appears to have a video within in but it's not easy to make out what the footage is (some think it's from a live show). It's likely more updates are going to come through the newsletter, so make sure you subscribe over here.

Now (July 9) the band have tweeted a second eye GIF. This time featuring the new logo featured on the billboards and, somewhat bizarrely, a horse.

What the hell is / Clancy / Dema?

Now, some people have really gone in on the meaning of Clancy, so if you're looking for a deep dive we'd recommend you head over to the Reddit page or the Discord app channel, but here's a general overview.

In April, fans noticed that if you went to the Vessel merch store on the Twenty One Pilots website, the video at the top of the page linked out to a gfycat page. At the end of that GIF, a website address appears and if you typed that address into a browser, you were sent to the DMAORG site. That's where fans discovered Clancy's journal.

No one knows for sure who Clancy is, although a lot of theories suggest he is a representation of Tyler or a metaphor for Tyler's feelings about the world. The website has been updated several times by Clancy and his posts allude to a place called Dema. We learn that Clancy wants to leave Dema and has planned an escape, before finally confirming that he made it out and that he's "very alive". Grainy, black and white photos and a distorted audio recording were also posted since the website's discovery in April. Here's a few of the posts courtesy of @top__today.

What does it mean? Well, we don't know. But considering what they did with Blurryface, we wouldn't be surprised if Clancy was some sort of narrator or character for the forthcoming record.

The Funniest Tweets About The Twenty One Pilots 'Clancy' Theory

Are they uploading new videos to YouTube?

In short, no. Some fans received notifications from the band's YouTube channel that multiple new videos had been uploaded to the band's account. These turned out to be tracks from a Japanese edition of Vessel that had been put on unlisted and changed to public.

Are they debuting a new song today?

A radio station in Arizona tweeted yesterday (July 8) that they will be announcing "what we're doing with @twentyonepilots!" on Monday at 8am (4pm GMT). The station appears to have some history with the band but we seriously doubt that TØP - arguably the biggest band in the world today - would give the world premiere of their new song to a station with only 6K+ followers. Could it be some sort of competition or perhaps a message from the band? Guess we'll find out later today.

UPDATE (6pm): False alarm - it wasn't a new song. It was a competition.

The tweets follows another radio station who tweeted about 'new music' from the band...and then got told by Fueled By Ramen, TØP's record label, to take it down. Ooops!

There's one thing we can definitely be sure about: a new Twenty One Pilots era is upon us and we literally can't wait for it to kick off properly with new music.