23 Times Years And Years SLAYED At Their Biggest Show Ever

11 April 2016, 12:49 | Updated: 30 December 2019, 13:55

James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Their Wembley Arena gig was quite the event.

After a phenomenal year that included a number one single and a number one album full of nothing but HUGE songs, Years and Years wrapped up their Communion tour with their biggest headline show to date at London's Wembley Arena in front of over 10000 people.

We were there to capture all the action. Here's how it all went down.

1) Light outs, much screaming. 

2) Olly appears from beneath the stage, dressed like an electro Buzz Lightyear, standing on a rising platform encased in lasers like an imprisoned super-villain. He looks amazing.


3) Olly twerks like a maniac throughout "Take Shelter". We suspect Twitter will be flooded with closeups within 24 hours.

UPDATE: We were correct.

4) Every few minutes someone in the standing area below will throw a glow stick overhead and shout "Oi Oi" like they are in an Ibiza foam party in 1998. It's surprisingly sweet.

5) "Shine" kicks in! Slay.

6) Confetti Canon!!!!! A bloody confetti canon just went off!!! Yaaaassss!!!!

7) A rainbow flag is thrown on stage and Olly wears it like a cape because he is, frankly, an extraordinary popstar.

8) Run to the Loo...wait, where is it? Why put a toilet at the end of a long corridor in an arena this huge? 

9) Turns out Wembley put helpful plastic lids on your pint cup so it doesn't spill everywhere. Guess that's why it cost half my rent.

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10) "Eyes Shut". Lights Up. Eyes Cry.

11) Olly keeps having to pause and gather himself. It's all getting a bit emosh in here. 

12) "Hotline Bling/Dark Horse" mash up. This is a proper pop moment now. They are stepping up their live game to fit the arena. They'll be in stadiums by album three at this rate.

13) Costume Change! Olly is now dressed like a disco ball. The only thing missing is the excellent neon sailor hat he had on that NME cover.

14) We wonder, if Robbie Williams also dressed like a disco ball, who would look better?

15) Probably Olly (no offence Rob, Rudebox is still full of bops).

16) "Gold". Sh*ts all over the Spandau Ballet track.

17) OK, it really is emosh now. Olly is saying a few words about how far they've come as a band since playing the tiny Oslo club two years ago and how, when he was a bullied gay kid at school, he never thought he'd be accepted in this way and thanks us all for being there. What a guy.

18) Full intros and waves from Mikey and Emre but few words as they also look about to cry. And so do we.

19) "Desire". With dancers just like the video. This is Beyonce level showmanship now. I vote Years and Years for the Super Bowl 2017 halftime show.

20) Costume Change Siren!!!!! Resplendent in white.

21) The always excellent MØ comes out for a cover version of "The Boy Is Mine". Thankfully, it's the original version and not that mashup monstrosity that's all over radio at the minute.

22) Remember when MØ did that cover of "Say You'll Be There" by the Spice Girls? 

We think a re-release featuring Olly in his Zombie-Geri getup is definitely needed soon.

23) Time for "King" to bring it home. Synths everywhere. Streamers everywhere. And the dancers are back too.


Years and Years have just proven themselves to be the biggest and best pop act the UK has to offer. Next stop, becoming the best in the world. 

We wouldn't bet against them.