Years And Years’ Olly Gets Emotional As Fans Share Fave "Communion" Memories

12 September 2016, 10:55 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The band trended on Twitter as they debuted their new single live at Bestival.

Years & Years, everybody's favourite synth pop trio, drop their new single "Meteorite" this week (September 13th), bringing to an end the Communion era and promotional campaign.

They debuted the track during a performance at Bestival this past weekend which you can watch below:

What a chorus though! Who doesn't love a '90s house piano?

Meanwhile, Twitter exploded with fans celebrating the band's first album, creating the trending topic #CommunionMemories, mixing together the funniest, sweetest and most downright awesome stories from the last couple of years as Olly and the boys rose to arena-level stardom.

Here's a few of our faves that fans have been sharing:

1) When the boys got security moving to "King"

Come on, she's only human! 


2) When these fans got up close and personal.

Glittery neck is a great look tbf.


3) The ultimate autograph. 

Nice birthday balloon too.


4) Sleep deprivation.

So THAT'S why we are always so tired...


5) When their drummer Dylan got involved.

Apparently Dylan is the party mom of the band.



Incredible words.


7) As if we really need an excuse...

It's our go-to look.


8) CAKE!

Colin the caterpillar is the sh*t.


9) Now this is how you get attention.

Excellent sign work.


10) Attending the most raved up Bday party ever.

Bring me all of the balloons!


11) Wembley!

We remember it well.


12) Basically everything.

Too many moments to choose from.

Congrats on Communion guys, can't wait to hear whatever is coming next...