5 Zayn Photos That Fixed Everything In My Life And Gave Me Clear Skin

23 December 2015, 11:01

Zayn Malik
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

When Zaddy comes thru with those selfies.

Zayn Malik was outrageous this year. I mean, really and truly outrageous. From the unceremonious dumping of One Direction to the awkward end of "Zerrie", Zayn has spent the better part of this year in pursuit of his true form. And, although there have been times when Zayn's behaviour was a little over the top, his looks have always proved to be truly life changing. 

Zayn topless on a motorcycle for Fader Magazine cleared my skin. Zayn Malik Fader Magazine

I tried every miracle cure in the book to clear my skin problems but nothing worked. Then I saw the behind the scenes footage of Zayn Malik for his infamous Fader interview and the next day my skin cleared right up. Coincidence? I think not. 

This selfie paid off my student debt. zayn malik

Student loans can be a really stressful part of becoming an adult. I came out of University with a degree and debt up to my eyeballs. Then I saw this picture of Zayn for Interview magazine. Later that evening, a student loan officer called to confirm that, due to a computer glitch, all my debt had been erased and they would not make an attempt to recover the account. Coincidence? I think not. 

This picture of Zayn repaired my relationship with my estranged brother.Zayn Malik selfie

I hadn't spoken to my older brother in years--an old feud gone too far. Then I saw this picture of Zayn. It changed everything. Suddenly, my phone was ringing with a number I didn't recognize. "I don't know why, but something told me to call you," he explained. The power of Zayn. 

This photo of Zayn made me believe in intelligent design and helped me reconnect with my faith. Zayn Malik fashion show

Dear God. 

This picture of Zayn outside of the Valentino fashion show gave me 20/20 vision.  Zayn Malik

I've been wearing glasses for the better part of a decade. Simply put. Without glasses, my eyesight was non existent. Then I saw this picture of Zayn and suddenly everything came into focus. It was like I was seeing everything in HD thanks to this precious angel baby. 

Zayn changed my life this year. Bless this scandalous demi God. 

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