Zayn is a rapper now and he's dropped three new rap songs

14 September 2021, 16:16

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By Sam Prance

Zayn is officially adding rapper to his resumé.

Zayn has released three rap tracks in which he appears to take shots at Simon Cowell, Queen Elizabeth II and Kanye West.

Zayn may be best known for his incredible vocals but the singer is now entering the rap world. Since he left One Direction in 2015, Zayn has distanced himself from the pop sound that first made him famous. All three albums he's released as a solo artist have been R&B led, and the 28-year-old has worked with artists like Kehlani, PARTNEXTDOOR and Timbaland.

Now, Zayn is adding rapper to his resumé. The Bradford-born star has just dropped three rap songs as a surprise for fans.

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Zayn is a rapper now and he's surprise dropped three new songs
Zayn is a rapper now and he's surprise dropped three new songs. Picture: @zaynmalik via Instagram, @zaynmalik via Twitter

Yesterday (Sep 13), Zayn tweeted the link to a dropbox folder titled: YELLOW TAPE. Naturally, fans immediately opened the folder and found out that it contains three new songs. 'Grimez', 'Believe Me' and '47 11'. Not only that but Zayn is barely singing on any of the tracks. Instead, he's having a go at rapping and people are losing it over the lyrics.

In 'Believe Me', Zayn raps: "Glad we left the Syco," and fans think that he is dissing Simon Cowell and his label, Syco, who Zayn was signed to with One Direction. Zayn also appears to take aim at Queen Elizabeth II by rapping: "Fuck the Queen, she gon’ knight ‘em for their violence."

Elsewhere on 'Grimez', Zayn raps: "Fuck Kanye, beat him by farting."

ZAYN: YELLOW TAPE - Grimez (Official Audio)

ZAYN: YELLOW TAPE - Believe Me (Official Audio)

ZAYN: YELLOW TAPE - 47 11 (Official Audio)

As it stands, it's currently unclear if Zayn intends to release these songs officially or release more work as a rapper. We shall keep you posted with any updates.