Chance The Rapper's New Single Art Is Inspired By An Iconic Meme And Fans Can't Deal

19 July 2018, 14:42 | Updated: 23 July 2018, 09:36

Chance the Rapper
Chance the Rapper. Picture: JIM YOUNG/AFP/Getty Images // MTV // PBS

By Sam Prance

An internet king...

Chance the Rapper is back. The 'No Problem' hitmaker surprised us this morning with not one but FOUR new singles and it is safe to say that fans are living for them. 'I Might Need Security', '65th & Ingleside', 'Wala Cam' and 'Work Out' are all up there with his best work. The 25-year-old rapper digs deep and opens up about everything from his relationship with his fiancé to his childhood in Chicago.

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One song in particular is sticking out though. 'I Might Need Security' is a striking political number named after Jamie Foxx's 2002 stand-up special. In it, Chance takes aim at his naysayers and addresses racism in the US. It even features the famous 'fuck you' ad-lib from Jamie's comedy routine.

And yet it's a specific detail about the song which is sending the internet into meltdown. All of the new singles have stunning abstract artwork. So far so simple. However, fans have worked out that the 'I Might Need Security' art isn't just a bunch of shapes. It's the Arthur meme in which he's clenching his fists.

*head explode emoji*


It's okay. We're shook too. And it is not just a random connection. The meme is often used by people as a way of expressing their frustration at anything and everything. In other words, it fits perfectly with the song. Naturally, the internet is living for it and people have been taking to Twitter to react.

Some just wanted to point it out.

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular.

Others were laughing about it.

It is hilarious tbh.

Actually a lot of people were screaming.


A couple of people are keen to point out that the song bangs.

Facts are facts.

In fact, it may be the song of the year based on its artwork alone.


Ultimately though it's so clever how it fits in with the meaning of the song.


And now people are trying to work out if the other images reference any memes too.

At the moment we're not sure (the blue mouse meme?, the Futurama money meme?).

However, we shall update you as soon as we find out if they are.