And The Best Pop Punk Album Of 2017 Is...

7 December 2017, 15:57 | Updated: 7 December 2017, 20:59

As It Is, Neck Deep, New Found Glory
As It Is, Neck Deep, New Found Glory. Picture: Press Release

By James Wilson-Taylor

We have ranked the Top 10 pop punk releases of 2017 - but is your fave at number 1?

2017, while not quite having the sheer number of excellent albums as the previous year (Green Day and Blink alone made that one to remember), was still an excellent 12 months for pop punk. New acts and returning faves all released some quality tunes to bounce around to but the question remains - which album was the best?

Don't worry, we've ranked the top 10 from 2017 for your listening pleasure.

NOTE - While they are very much a part of the scene, the All Time Low and Paramore albums were, quite intentionally, not pop punk so they ain't included here despite their obvious amazingness. They are, however, both in our overall top 20 of the year which you can read here.

Top 10 Pop Punk Albums Of 2017

10) AFI - Self-Titled

Somewhat affectionately known as 'The Blood Album' due to it's red splattered artwork, AFI returned with a defining musical statement, marrying the classic anthemic riffing of 'Girl's Not Grey' with big singalong choruses and, in single 'White Offerings', a few splashes of choir too.

9) Knuckle Puck - Shapeshifter

The Chicago group hit the ground running with their second album, expanding upon the early promise of their 2015 debut with enough choruses to rival their more established friends and touring buddies State Champs and Neck Deep. The future looks bright for these boys.

8) Sorority Noise - You're Not As ____ As You Think

Arguably the most slept on scene release of the year, the third record from Sorority Noise was hailed with critical acclaim upon its release in March and has quietly built momentum online ever since. With the band themselves decribing the record as an "emotional bulldozer", this is easily the group's most confident, touching and convincing record to date.

7) ONE OK ROCK - Ambitions

Already at arena-level in their homeland, ONE OK ROCK made huge leaps into the US market with their latest offering, thanks to appearances by the likes of All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth and Avril Lavigne. If they keep churning out hits as catchy as these, they will soon be performing their energetic live shows to even bigger crowds in America and beyond.

6) Sleeping With Sirens - Gossip

After going fully acoustic over the last year, it was great to have the big bouncy SWS we know and love back in full force. Kellin Quinn's sharp vocals and pointed, satirical lyrical style fit beautifully with the swaggering backing of single 'Cheers', while the likes of 'Empire To Ashes' should give crowds plenty of reasons to pogo on tour.

5) The Used - The Canyon

The pop punk and emo icons had a mini resurgence in 2017 thanks to appearances at the likes of Emo Nite and the sheer sugary pop masterclass of single 'Over and Over Again'. Bert and the boys show the new kids how it is done with their finest longplayer in years.

4) New Found Glory - Makes Me Sick

Celebrating their 20th year, the legendary outfit didn't mess with their successful formula on record number 9. But then why mess with such a winning combo of catchy vocals and bigger riffs - if it ain't broke don't fix it. Lead single 'Happy Being Miserable' in particular will sit happily next to the likes of 'My Friends Over You' and 'Hit Or Miss' for years to come.

3) Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7

The long-running cover series never fails to raise a smile but with Vol 7 they really raised the game, State Champs taking Shawn Mendes to new heights, Dance Gavin Dance giving Bruno Mars the scream treatement and Seaway making The Chainsmokers' monster-hit 'Closer' sound fresh again.

2) Neck Deep - The Peace & The Panic

The biggest pop punk outfit the UK has produced in over a decade (or maybe ever? Sorry Busted), Neck Deep refined their commercial sheen for this breakthrough effort, 'In Bloom' proving to be a permanent staple on our office stereo while the heartbreaking 'Wish You Were Here', talking openly about death and loss after a particularly rough year for the boys, matches 'December' and 'Part Of Me' in terms of emotional impact.

1) As It Is - Okay.

Playing like a greatest hits set from 1999, the second album from Patty Walters and co is packed full of radio-friendly hits that owe a heavy debt to their spiritual forebearers Blink-182. 'Hey Rachel' bounces along while 'No Way Out' and 'Curtains Close' refine the heavier emo sound of their debut into something more energetic and vital. Nobody captured the classic commercial era of pop punk better than these boys in 2017.

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