Are Chase Atlantic The Australian Version of The 1975?

14 June 2016, 13:41 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Chase Atlantic
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Former YouTubers and X Factor Rejects - Who Are Chase Atlantic?

One of biggest musical crushes of 2016 has been Australian pop band Chase Atlantic. Clinton Cave, his brother Mitchell, and Christian Anthony have been causing quite the stir with their single "Obsessive" and so we decided to do some digging to find out more about the Brisbane trio.

And, boy, did we find some gold…


They Have A Dark YouTube History

Ok, it's not actually dark. Mitchell started uploading covers to YouTube in 2010 with Christian. Their first video, a cover of Owl City's "Fire Flies", got 13,000 views overnight (now sadly deleted off the internet). It was clear to them from the start that they wanted to pursue music further using YouTube as their primary platform.

"If we didn't have involvement with YouTube, I don't think we'd be anything," said Mitchell in an interview. "When we started [on] YouTube, the response we had from making videos gave us the idea that we could actually do this. It's achievable and doable."


That Time They Went On X Factor And Supported One Direction

Their success on YouTube led to a short-lived band What About Tonight that was featured on the fourth series of Australian X Factor in 2012. The band reached their peak when they supported One Direction in London but Christian and Mitchell left not long after, which is probably for the best as they were totally cringe tbh.


Then They Started A Real Band

At some point in early 2014, Christian, Mitchell and his brother Clinton formed Chase Atlantic. Christian decided to keep his long hair, while Mitchell grew an emo sweep and started dressing like a summer goth all year round. Sonically, they went into 80s pop territory with a taste for saxophones. They started writing and producing their own material, maintaining creative control over their music (as you might after being in a X Factor boy band).


'You Sound Like The 1975, Mate'

Chase Atlantic have been compared to The 1975 more than once. It probably didn’t help that they covered one of their songs on YouTube and have regularly played "Chocolate" during live shows. On the comparisons, the band said, "We feel we have created and defined our own sculpted sound, which differs us from [them]. We feel that [they] create music from the heart, which is exactly what we aim to do with every track we produce." 

Mitchell's vocals do bare some resemblance to Matty Healy’s voice, as do some of the songs (compare the guitar line on "Vibes" (above) with "Chocolate" and you might think it’s the same song). Redditors haven’t exactly been kind about Chase Atlantic but we’d say that while The 1975 are obviously a big source of influence, Chase Atlantic are still a fairly new band with only two EPs under their belt. There is still plenty of time for the boys to find a sound of their own. 


Then They Wrote A Proper Banger – "Obsessive"

I don't know how anyone can listen to this song and not fall in love with it. It's a slick, sex-jam that will have you slut dropping on strangers within its first few bars - god knows what depravity you'll have committed by the time it ends 3 minutes and 51 seconds later.  

"Obsessive" has lead to a lot of label interest in the band. An EP was rumoured to be coming early 2016 but the band confirmed in an interview with Amplify that they are holding out till they have full-label backing. Smart lads. In the meantime, they've also signed up to the Madden Brother's (Good Charlotte) production company MDDN, who also represent Jessie J.  

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