17 Emotional Stages Of Seeing Your Fave Band Live For The First Time

20 June 2017, 15:54 | Updated: 20 June 2017, 16:01

James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

After we finally saw Paramore live in London, let's look back on the insanely emotional journey of the evening shall we?

Everyone loves gigs right? Nothing quite like seeing a band perform live to a massive crowd of adoring fans singing back every word. But you know what's even better than a gig? Going to a gig by your fave band in the world for the very first time.

Amazingly, despite years of concert-going and working for, ya know, a music website, this writer had one of those experiences just this week when, finally, I got to see Paramore play live at London's Royal Albert Hall. I missed them on every previous tour, either through poorly planned holiday timings, lack of funding or just plain bad luck. But hey, we got there in the end didn't we?


And, for the first time in over a decade, I had that experience of watching a band I have loved for a long time play for the first time ever. So what's that experience really like? Let's have a full rundown of events shall we?

The 17 Emotional Stages Of Seeing Your Fave Band Live For The Very First Time

1) Oh dear god, we are actually here. It's actually happening. Breathe. KEEP BREATHING NO MATTER WHAT.

2) Right, first stop - the merch stand!


3) Some people might say that buying two versions of each t-shirt is too extreme but those people forget that I also bought a poster so jokes on them.

4) No drinks. Must stay focused.

5) Ok, fine, just one pint of dark fruit cider. That sh*t is delicious.

6) The lights are down. Whatever you do, don't reach for your phone. Enjoy the moment and the memory.

7) Ok, fine, just one quick video.



9) The girl next to you is in floods of tears drunkenly shouting their love at the stage and you share a quick look and nod at each other because you both get it even though you know how embarrassing you must look to all strangers right now.

10) Wait, that crying girl just threw her shoe. Ok, she's a psycho, move on.

11) Ballad. Lights up in the sky. Iconic.

12) Phone battery is nearly dead but you will keep filming every song because dammit this is important!

13) Encore time. How can it be nearly over? It's gone so fast.

14) Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, ow my leg, bounce, bounce, bounce.

15) DON'T LEAVE!!!!!

16) WHY IS IT ALL OVER?!?!?!

17) Ok, and now we're a mess. Teary bus home, rewatching phone videos at full volume much to the annoyance of all surrounding passengers but f*ck em 'cos if they had been there they'd understand.

You only get to see your fave band for the first time once kids - make it count!