11 Iconic Fidget Spinners Inspired By All Your Fave Musicians

19 June 2017, 12:46

panic fidget spinners
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

From Panic!, TØP and FOB to The 1975, 5SOS and Melanie Martinez, here's all the (unofficial) spinners you can buy right now.

Fidget Spinners, the craze the internet both loves and loves to hate, is taking over the music world thanks to streams of unofficial merch making its way onto Amazon, both to the amusement and bemusment of the bands themselves.

Pitchfork even reports that Arcade Fire are planning on releasing an official version very soon - could we soon be seeing these little gadgets at merch stands across the world?

Well, while we wait to see what becomes of these gizmos, here are some strictly unlicensed music-themed spinners you can pic up online right now:


1) Panic! At The Disco

Amazon, FidgetTops

'I Write Spins Not Tragedies'


2) Twenty One Pilots

Amazon, YYNMKJ

'All my friends are fidgets take it slow' (Yes, there will be a terrible pun after every single one of these so strap in and get on board).


3) Fall Out Boy

Amazon, LIHAI

'This Ain't A Spin'/'Spinner We're Going Down'


4) Halsey

Amazon, Lei-Fun

'Hopless Fidget Kingdom' (Yeah, ok, I'm starting to struggle a bit now...)


5) All Time Low

Amazon, Ldong

'Dear Maria, Spin Me In' (doesn't work, does it?)


6) Green Day

Amazon, Tfacts

'Jesus Of Spinburbia' (How is this my job? Seriously? What has become of me?)


7) Blink-182

Amazon, Spean

'All The Small Spins' (I have a Masters degree FFS)


8) 5 Seconds Of Summer

Amazon, FidgetTops

'She looks so perfect spinning there' (actually quite pleased with that one).


9) The 1975


'I Like It When You Fidget For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of Spin' (Nailed it).


10) My Chemical Romance

Amazon, SerwSDewt

'Thank You For The Fidget' (Ok, yeah, I'm grasping at straws again. Almost went for 'Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin' instead of 'Na, Na, Na, Na, Na' which, we can all agree, is proper sh*t).


11) Melanie Martinez

Amazon, HAHA99

'They call me Cry Baby, Cry Baby, but I don't fidget spin' (I need a lie down).

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