GRAMMYS 2017: 11 Wildest Moments From The 59th Grammy Awards

Carpool Karaoke at the 2017 Grammys


The Grammy Awards never fail to produce a little bit of drama and the 59th Grammy Awards tonight in Los Angeles didn't disappoint.

1. Let's start with the fashion, or lack thereof. 

Girl Crush



2. A 'How To' Guide In Alienating People by Joy Villa.

Joy Villa The Grammys 2017

This won't back fire at all.


3. Ceelo Green did...this.

CeeLo Green The Grammys 2017


You okay, hun?


4. Rihanna's secret performance went down a storm.


5. TØP pulling their trousers down and this guy getting creeped out.



6. Rihanna swigging from a diamond-encrusted hip-flask throughout the duration of the evening.



7. Beyoncé carelessly tilting on a chair at a 45 degree angle while pregnant with twins, giving the entire planet heart palpitations in the process 



8. This Awkward AF group Carpool Karaoke rendition of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline"



9. Blue Ivy taking a few moments from listening to her mother's acceptance speech to show of her spangly purse to her pal while simultaneously out-Princing the official Prince tribute performer, Bruno Mars.


10. Gaga continuing her current penchant for leaping off things - this time, into a crowd surf


11. Adele's Album Of The Year trophy breaking in half after she dedicated her win to Beyoncé because the very universe itself knows that BEYONCÉ WAS ROBBED


What were your favourite moments from the Grammys? Tell us in the comments below!