Grimes New Album: Release Date, Tracklist & Everything We Know So Far

14 May 2018, 14:32 | Updated: 28 November 2018, 10:27

Grimes We Appreciate Power cover art
Grimes We Appreciate Power cover art. Picture: Other

By Emily-Jayne Beard

Grimes has been teasing her new album – here's everything we know.

It’s been three years since Grimes' previous album Art Angels, and in that time she’s been hard on the grind, collaborating with other artists such as Janelle Monáe and Poppy, as well as creating a song for the Suicide Squad Soundtrack. Here's everything we know about her upcoming release so far.

1) Why has the new album been delayed?

Grimes' new album has had a much publicised delayed release. Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) has addressed the issues on social and kept her fans well updated on the unfortunate delays.

In December 2017, it looked promising fans would get new music, as Grimes replied to a fan to let them know she had played some completed music for her label, and she would hopefully be releasing soon.

This was soon followed by an Instagram post with a (now deleted) caption which initially announced her excitement to release new music, before being edited to 'welp no music any time soon after all 🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄🙄 music industry is trash' before the caption was deleted completely from the image post.

Shortly after, Grimes took to twitter to respond to fans to clarify that her issues were not with her management (Jay-Z’s Roc Nation), as some were speculating at the time.

In a since deleted tweet, Grimes stated:

'yeah but i'm solving it. i just have to take one last hit. it sucks, but i'd rather not make fans suffer thru more unexplained drama. theres some srsly fucked up and crazy shit going behind the scenes in my career this whole time i've never spoken of to protect myself legally'

Some observant fans noticed that throughout the posts she and her label 4AD had unfollowed one another on twitter, and subsequently when she changed her twitter bio to "4ad can suck my dik" and then to "legalize dueling" . This lead many fans to believe the issues Grimes has been referencing were due to her label. At the time of publishing Grimes is still listed as an artist on 4AD's roster.

Responding to a fan under an Instagram post, Grimes said her next album will be 'one final album for my shit label' and a follow up release which will be 'on a label of my choosing'.

Grimes new album

2) Is it true that Grimes has two albums coming, not just one?

Grimes confirmed on Instagram that she will be separately releasing two new albums, but they will not be released simultaneously.
As above, she stated she will be releasing the first with her current label 4AD, and the second with an unconfirmed label.

Grimes new album

3) What will the album/s sound like?

On Instagram in a reply to a fan, Grimes confirmed that the first album of the two releases will be 'highly collaborative and most glorious light', and the second album will be 'extreme darkness and chaos'.

April 10th 2018, Grimes commented on her Instagram post about her collaboration with Janelle Monáe, saying she has a 'deep well of shit this time, like sooooo many songs'.

She has been asking fans which of four songs they'd like to hear the first of, as they're 'closest to being done', and the descriptions give an indiction of the sounds and themes we can expect in the next drop.

On the 5th June Grimes took to twitter to preview some song snippets and give fans a feel of what the new music will sound like.


4) What is the album title?

There is no confirmed title for either album yet, but if her previous album titles are anything to go by ('Visions' 'Art Angels' 'Halfaxa' and 'Geidi Primes' etc) the album is likely to be short, punchy statement with reference to the albums' themes of darkness and light.


5) Is there a tracklist?

Grimes revealed on her Instagram story a tentative tracklist of song titles for her first album release, with the caption 'subject 2 change but just so y'all know it's real. working titlez'.

The working titles for her album are:

- thats what the drugs r 4

- So Heavy I fell through the earth

- Darq Souls

- adore u (beautiful game)

- Black Swan Blues

- blaze forever like a useless star

-Cryptid (Heavy metal magazine)

- 4 æm

- Favourite Psycho

- Deth Angels

- Nymphs At Versailles

- Last Call ??

- B4 the fever

On November 28th, Grimes dropped the cover art for her first single which revealed the first track name with be 'We Appreciate Power'.

There is currently no tracklist for the second album.

6) Who will be the collaborators on the album?

Grimes confirmed the first release from the two albums would 'highly collaborative and most glorious light'.

Previous collaborators and tour partners who would be likely candidates to appear on the release include: Janelle Monáe, Poppy, Brooke Candy, Lykke Li, Blood Diamonds, Bleachers, Hana and Florence And The Machine.

When the cover art for the first single was released, it was revealed her first single would feature artist HANA.


8) What is the new album release date?

There is currently no release date for either of Grimes' upcoming albums, but as she has become very active on social media, recently posting her tentative tracklist and tweeting that she has 4 songs almost completed and ready to go.

On 26th November 2018 Grimes returned to social media to announce a new song would be dropping November 29th, but gave no details of the song title or style.

9) What will the new era's look be?

When Grimes posted the release date of her first new song on November the 26th, the tweet was also accompanied by an image that we can assume is indicative of the style of this musical era.

It keeps in with the fantastical elements that have come to be a signature of Grimes' visual style, with some red text that might be an indicator of the song/album title.
She also released new merch at the same time, which follows a similar visual theme and gives us an insight into what's to come this era stylistically.
She also dropped cover art on November 28th for her first single, which also indicates what's to come.