11 Hilarious Fan Signs That Deserve To Be In A Gallery

4 November 2016, 15:44 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

From the Beliebers to the Directioners, Fall Out Boy fans to Green Day stans, these signs went in HARD...

There is no better way to get your fave artist's attention than with a well-placed, brightly decorated sign to hold aloft all show until your arm feels half dead. Here are a few of our favourite bits of fandom-based cardboard we've spotted around the internet. 

1) Twenty One Pilots

We all have our own personal beliefs - but this one is universal!


2) Troye Sivan

Now THAT is how you spend your birthday! The ultimate party right there!


3) 5 Seconds Of Summer


Guys...*whispers* I don't think they're talking about playing instruments...


4) Justin Bieber

Now that is dedication to Twitter! Next time, we want to see an entire timeline across the crowd. 


5) Selena Gomez

Yeah. This is memorable but, ya know, extreme. Not sure how Selena would take this one...


6) Taylor Swift

The campaign for TayTay to host the next season of Bake Off starts right here!


7) Fall Out Boy


Aww bless him! He's so happy to be back!


8) Melanie Martinez


Sometimes the best signs are all about the simple message. Hell of a font choice there guys!


9) The 1975


Well, that's one way to request your favourite track. Maybe it'll make the cut on the current tour?


10) Green Day

If you are gonna hold up a sign saying you can play all of Dookie, you had better be able to back it up if you get pulled on stage. This guy could.


11) One Direction

Um...as much as we love a bit of shipping, that rainbow is scaring the sh*t out of us!

Have you made a sign to take to a concert? Share it with us below!

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