P!ATD, 5SOS, ATL: Meet The Man Behind All Your Pop Punk Faves

28 January 2016, 11:29 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Panic John Feldmann
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

All Time Low, Panic, Blink...

The Tom-less Blink 182 released the below image of themselves in the studio the other day, putting together a brand new album for release later this year.

But who is that cheerly-looking guy with them on the right?

That's John Feldmann. You might remember him as the frontman of classic pop punk outfit Goldfinger, the band responsible for this end of the night moshfest!

Big song! 

But nowadays John is making a very nice living mentoring and working with every single one of your faves over the last decade.

John acted as a driving force behind All Time Low's Future Hearts, producing and co-writing several tracks with Alex Gaskarth. 


John acted as a driving force behind All Time Low's Future Hearts, producing and co-writing several tracks with Alex Gaskarth. 


He worked on Sleeping With Sirens most recent album, We Are The In Crowd's Weird Kids, Panic! At The Disco's Vice And Virtues as well as collaborations with Good Charlotte, The Used, We Came As Romans, Four Year Strong, Cute Is What We Aim For, Ashlee Simpson and Black Veil Brides to name a few.

But most recently, John produced 10 tracks on 5sos' second album Sounds Good Feels Good, with writing credits on 2 of those. He performed the same duties on their debut, producing 8 tracks and writing on 4, acting as a mentor of sorts to the boys at the start of their careers.

The 5 Seconds guys are unbelievable musicians. I knew who they were from my friend Jess from the Veronicas who dated [guitarist] Michael [Clifford]. She told me about them way, way prior so my predisposition to the band was very different from what the world thought, which was that they were a boy band. I knew they weren’t. I went into it thinking they were another Mest. When they started singing I realized, ‘This is the best pop-punk band I’ve ever heard.’ They can all sing. The drummer is a better singer than 90-percent of the bands that I work with and he’s the drummer. 5 Seconds of Summer, they’re all really clear of what their job is. Calum [Hood] is the best bass player 5 Seconds of Summer could ever have. He’s a fucking phenomenal bass player. A lot of bands don’t have that.

John Feldmann, Buzzfeed

His presence in their work also adds a certain level of credibility to the band who have long been accused of being merely a boy band dressed in pop punk clothing. Feldmann's seal of approval gives them the ability to fight back against haters who claim they do not immerse themselves enough in the scene. 

Blink's next album will be an interesting prospect now that Feldmann's presence has been made known. The re-configured band will need a leader in the studio and, with years of experience to his name, John should be the one most capable of pointing the boys in the correct direction.

John Feldmann - The Godfather Of Pop Punk