Like CL? You’ll Love These Other Rising South Korean Artists

26 November 2015, 16:09 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Yaaaaas, slay me.

Alright, we're calling it. K rap is preparing a swift and decisive takeover. We just have to wait on it. With the new found popularity of artists like CL in America, we're fixing our gaze toward South Korea's pretty impressive crop of rapidly rising hip-hop/rap talent. If you're a fan of 2NE1's CL and her solo work, then you're going to love each and every one of these guys I'm about to mention. 


If you're a fan of that slightly artistic rap sensibility, Beenzino is a good place to go. His most recent music is percussive in nature and represents a pretty seamless blending of genres. He has been on the scene for a while now and has projects as far as the eye can see but I can't help but love "Break" for its simplicity and masterful flow. 

Keith Ape

Keith Ape's star is definitely on the rise following the hugeness of "It G Ma". The track, out earlier this year, was the toast of the town as it showcased Keith's ability to channel the grittiness of the dirty south. It's unclear just how smoothly a lasting career will come for Keith Ape (seeing as he is not a K Pop darling on a rap trajectory) but, if he can make another track like "It G Ma", I'm all ears. 

G Dragon & T.O.P 

BIGBANG's G Dragon and T.O.P. are channeling West Coast trap to the best of their abilities. The beats aren't overly complex but the execution is pretty dope. These guys know how to inject humour and personality into the music which is almost as important as the tunes themselves.

Yoon Mi Rae 

Yoon Mi Rae is set to make a comeback by the year's end. She has been on the scene for quite a while and is one of the only mixed race Korean artists in the mainstream. Like many of the country's entertainers, Yoon Mi Rae grew up in America before pursuing a career in South Korea. When it comes to the music, there is no denying that Yoon Mi has a presence and a flow that has made her a respected act alongside her rapper husband Tiger JK. 

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