Little Mix's "Love Me Like You": A Staff Review

2 October 2015, 11:44 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Little Mix Love Me Like You Crop

By Alim Kheraj

Just getting ready for prom with the gals, wbu?

Little Mix have been setting F-I-R-E to things recently with their music, performances and lolz-filled videos, and the clip for the band's latest single "Love Me Like You" is no different. 

As is our wont here at PopBuzz, we've been directing every frame, hair flick, bathroom scene and incredible Jesy face (there are so, so, so many!) and here's what our staff have made of the whole shebang. 

Let's get started shall we? 

Alim - 7/10

Ngl, I kind of preferred Little Mix when they were warriors and slaying lives a-la "DNA" or "Salute". However, I can deffo get on board with this aesthetic as who doesn't love prom (or the idea of prom, anyway)? Basically,  this whole video is about the faces. Jade and Jesy are clearly the winners in this category, pulling some truly incredible ones. Seriously, I think Jesy Nelson might be one of my favourite people in pop at the moment. 

The song is a bop, we know that, but in terms of the video I'm a little confused as to what is going on. I like my Mixers strong, independent women, so to see them fawning over this 'lad' is a bit hard for me. Yes he's got #abz but would he make you cocoa and join you for a Grey's Anatomy marathon? Probs no, tbh. However, there are some AMAZING moments, like the synchronised dancing on the bleachers and the bathroom scenes. Basically, anything synchronised gets my vote and, for me, it saves this video. Still luv ya girls. x

Nicky - 7/10

Let’s just lay it all on the table. I find the whole song problematic. From everything we’ve heard from the upcoming record (“Black Magic”, “Hair”) , “Love Me Like You” sounds  like it can’t possibly fit in. Saying that, the video is actually not the worst. I mean, it’s a bit fluffy but I think it does actually convey that feeling of disappointment of when you think someone is feeling you but they’re actually a terrible person.  It’s actually kind of relatable and tells a fairly simple story without overcomplicating things.


Emily - 7/10

1. 'NO CANOODLING'< let’s bring this word back, canoodling 2k15.
2. Making sitting on the sidelines work with synchronised dance routines. Nobody asked me to dance, it’s ok cause we can all sit on the sidelines and do the MACARENA.
3. Jesy what did that dude JUST SAY about canoodling, and now you’re smooching in the cinema! Clean your ears out love.
4. Oh no Perrie fell over, style it out hun, style it out, nobody saw…
5. Oh HELL NAW he's been flirting with all the babes in Little Mix and this dude strolls in with a DIFFERENT girl, someone confiscate his Tinder password pronto.
6. But it’s all good cause they can apply lipstick in sync #lipstickgoals
7. This is what more videos need, a huge dance off! Time to bust out your best dutty whine guys n gals.
8. So what’s the moral here, have a dance off and everything will be ok? Players gonna play, play, play, play, play? Girls rule, boys drool?

Woody -5/10

In the universal quest to become ‘relatable’ to fans and non-famous people alike, Little Mix have decided to step into our ugly shoes and pretend to be the person that never bags the super hawt guy at prom. Instead, they settle for ‘more attractive than average’ guys or each other. Well boo-bloody-hoo! Until they’ve been on five Tinder dates and been stood up by at least 3 of them, then I’ll feel sorry for them.

The songs alright, though.

We make that an overall rating of 26/40.

What do y'all make of the "Love Me Like You Video"? Let us know below pls.