5 Artists Who NEED To Get Snapchat Immediately

8 June 2016, 17:10 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

musicians need snapchat
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

From Tyler to Patrick, here's a few musicians who need to get on board with Snapchat.

We all love Snapchat right? And so do all our favourite musicians. Well, most of them do anyway, but there are still a few key acts who need to get on board the Snapchat train.

Here's just a few of the musicians who need to hurry up and get on it!


1) Melanie Martinez


Ok, so technically she does have it but it is all set to private! We need a public one to check out all of Melanie's finest rainbow tongued moments.


2) Tyler Joseph

Josh Dun Snapchat

Again, we are pretty sure he has it (@tylerrjoseph) but he NEVER USES IT!!! He just takes over Josh's one instead. Come on Tyler, sort it out!


3) Patrick Stump


Occasionally glimpsed on Pete's snaps, Patrick is yet to start up his own account. Why not? Think of the 10 second soul-voice covers he could be delivering into our lives! 


4) Harry Styles


Studio updates, behind the scenes film set glimpses, visits to the hairdresser - the possibilities are endless!


5) Taylor Swift

Gigi Hadid, Snapchat

She's already a QUEEN on instagram so surely Snapchat is the next step forward. The "Bad Blood" themed filters would have been amazing. Plus her Coachella story would have made for essential viewing.


Anyone you want to add? Let us know below!