These Musical Resolutions Will Help You Live Your Best Life In 2016

29 December 2015, 15:35 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Musical Resolutions

By Victoria Pavlova


Ok, so we're not exactly the resolution-making type here on PopBuzz, but it's kind of the season for it anyway. Also, we think 2016 should be just a better year. So here are 10 resolutions we're definitely making this year and you should too. 

1. Finally snag a pair of Panic! tickets. 

This could be us, but Ticketmaster be playin'.

2. Come out as a Justin Bieber fan. 

Just live your truth, friend. 

3. Stop telling everyone you're definitely hitting up Coachella this year. 

Unless you're really going, then... no, actually just never mention that. 

4. More shirtless Brendon! Fewer "Follow me Harry" tweets!

5. Support Zayn's solo career.

Someone has to.

6. Don't cry more than once a day during Fall Out Boy's tour hiatus. 

Breathe deep and be strong. 

7. Limit your Drunk History watching to once per day.

We're trying that too. 

8. Test out every Melanie Martinez hair colour ever.

And prove, once and for all, than anybody can rock the half'n'half look. 

9. Get on board the Selena Gomez bandwagon.

It's happening. 2016 = the year Selena will slay us all. 

10. Break your never-ending TØP addiction.

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

11. Never reblog another Hotline Bling meme.

Stop it. Just no. 

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