Next Up: 10 artists that are set to take over in 2022

14 January 2022, 11:38 | Updated: 20 January 2022, 10:37

Next Up: Ones to Watch 2022
Next Up: Ones to Watch 2022. Picture: PopBuzz
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

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In the words of our patron saint, Frank Ocean, that's a pretty fucking fast year flew by.

Where the hell did the last 12 months go? It seems like only yesterday that we were preparing our ones to watch list for 2021 but here we are again, rounding up our favourite rising stars from the music world who we think are going to take over in 2022.

We've covered all the bases. Looking for music you can throw windmills in the mosh pit to? Look no further than Pinkshift. You want main pop girl energy? Raissa's got you covered. Need fresh sounds for your TikTok? PinkPantheress is your new queen. Are festival anthems your thing? Wet Leg are ready and waiting.

Listen to the full list on the Spotify playlist below and get to know all our Next Up 2022 artists after the jump.

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Who? 17-year-old viral sensation who you've definitely heard while scrolling through TikTok.

Standout track? 'abcdefu'

Sounds like? Teenage angst in song form.

For fans of? Maggie Lindemann, WILLOW, Avril Lavigne

In their own words: "I'm looking forward to people making assumptions about me and getting to prove them wrong. I'm looking forward to people not making assumptions. But I'm stubborn, if you tell me I can't do something, that's not going to work well for anybody. I like it when people underestimate me." (Official Charts)

Gayle - Next Up 2022
Gayle - Next Up 2022. Picture: Atlantic Records

Gracie Abrams

Who? Relatable singer-songwriter who all of your faves stan.

Standout track? 'Rockland'

Sounds like? Looking out of a train window and leaving your past behind.

For fans of? Olivia Rodrigo, Phoebe Bridgers, Maggie Rogers

In their own words: "What I hope to do with my music is tell stories that make people feel emotionally included. I hope it helps them feel less alone in situations that feel so emotional, so personally difficult, so isolating." (The Forty Five)

Gracie Abrams - Next Up 2022
Gracie Abrams - Next Up 2022. Picture: Vince Aung/Polydor


Who? Captivating, fully-formed artist who you probably recognise from N.E.R.D. and Rihanna's 'Lemon' video.

Standout track? 'Petrified'

Sounds like? Star power personified.

For fans of? Rosalía, Nelly Furtado, Teyana Taylor

In their own words: "I remember I heard a lot of “no's" when I was younger and I internalised a lot of that. I now realise I’ve been hiding this dream for so long that it’s like, okay, we need to move forward in authenticity. Music is my first love - period."

Mette - Next Up 2022
Mette - Next Up 2022. Picture: Insta: MetteNarrative


Who? Powerful storyteller with the ability to move you to tears with a single song.

Standout track? 'what if i took it off for you?'

Sounds like? What music is missing right now.

For fans of? Solange, Diana Gordon, Sade

In their own words: On 'What if I took It off for you?': "This song is for everyone that doesn’t fit the mould and has felt the need to compromise their individuality in order to be accepted - my wish is to echo your voices."

Nemahsis - Next Up 2022
Nemahsis - Next Up 2022. Picture: Crowns & Owls


Who? You already know her. She's an icon, she's a legend and she is thee moment.

Standout track? Literally all of them but start with ‘Break it off

Sounds like? The past, the present and the future all rolled into one.

For fans of? Shygirl, Clairo, Charli XCX

In their own words: “I’m not trying to be deep or contrived. I just find familiar beats and then nudge them into unfamiliar territory. I love sounds that are new and nostalgic, like you’ve known them forever but are hearing them for the first time.”

PinkPantheress - Next Up 2022
PinkPantheress - Next Up 2022. Picture: Parlophone Records


Who? "Rat city rock nerds" Ashrita Kumar (vocals), Paul Vallejo (guitar), Myron Houngbedji (drums).

Standout track? i’m gonna tell my therapist on you

Sounds like? All our riot grrl, punk rock, post-hardcore fantasies coming true.

For fans of? My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Meet Me @ The Altar

In their own words: “No-one wants to listen to a bunch of 30-year-old white dudes complaining about the same shit over and over again in the same exact way in the same exact whiny voice. Do it different, you know?” (Kerrang)

PinkShift - Next Up 2022
PinkShift - Next Up 2022. Picture: LA Rogers


Who? 23-year-old, multilingual pop supremo signed to Mark Ronson's label.

Standout track? 'POLICÍA'

Sounds like? Your new favourite main pop girl.

For fans of? Ariana Grande, Kali Uchis, Selena Gomez

In their own words: "Pop music is this thing that feels super liberating, right? I don’t want my work to be cynical, now is the time for hope and letting go of cynicism.”

Raissa. Picture: Rachel Helman/Sony


Who? Tucker Pillsbury

Standout track? 'Death Wish'

Sounds like? Effortlessly cool pop music with a kink for genre-hopping.

For fans of? Rex Orange County, Troye Sivan, Kevin Abstract

In their own words: On 'Death Wish': "The entire song came from the chords. It immediately felt super sinister and evil, but sexual at the same time. I wanted to create this intimidating, powerful, female character to represent that desire we have for things we know aren’t good for us.

Role Model - Next Up 2022
Role Model - Next Up 2022. Picture: Interscope


Who? Nigerian R&B superstar who you already know for featuring on Wizkid's international smash hit 'Essence'.

Standout track? 'Crazy Tings'

Sounds like? Confessional, emotionally raw excellence.

For fans of? Lauryn Hill, Aṣa, Amy Winehouse

In their own words: "I just started writing songs, at around 11. Some of them were about me not having friends, some of them were about my classmates saying I was weird. Some of it was just really sad. I didn’t really have much human interaction, but it helped me heal to be able to sing about what I was feeling." (Guardian)

Tems - Next Up 2022
Tems - Next Up 2022. Picture: Deeds Art

Wet Leg

Who? Indie icons in waiting, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, from the Isle of Wight, UK.

Standout track? Wet Dream

Sounds like? Giddy, absurdist indie-rock that reminds you that music is supposed to be FUN.

For fans of? Mitski, The Drums, Arctic Monkeys

In their own words: "Wet Leg was originally just supposed to be funny. As a woman, there's so much put on you, in that your only value is how pretty or cool you look. But we want to be goofy and a little bit rude. We want to write songs that people can dance to. And we want people to have a good time, even if that might not be possible all of the time."

Wet Leg - Next Up 2022
Wet Leg - Next Up 2022. Picture: Hollie Fernando/Domino

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