Pop Punk Books You Need To Read By Pete Wentz & Other Faves

22 August 2016, 14:13 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

pop punk books
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Pete, Tom and more have been putting out their writing in a whole new way.

Is there anything more punk in the world than reading? Of course not. Books are awesome.

So that's probably why so many of your pop punk faves have taken on side-careers as authors, publishing everything from tell-all memoirs to kids books and even UFO conspiracy novels.

So, let's round up some of the books every pop punk fan should be picking up.

New Found Glory - Stories Of A Different Kind

The ultimate coffee table book for anyone who's ever been to Warped tour, NFG chart their entire history as a band in this anthology, featuring years of posters, photos and tales from backstage and their days on the tour bus. And, for extra pop punk credit, it has also been fully endorsed by Hayley Williams. Obviously. $30.00, NFG site.


Tom DeLonge - Sekret Machines

Since departing Blink 182, Tom DeLonge has certainly kept himself busy, working on various musical projects and even co-authoring this UFO-based mystery novel with A.J. Hartley. Described as a cross between JFK and The X Files, the novel explores Tom's long documented interest in space. Read while playing "Aliens Exist" on a loop. £17.99, Amazon


Pete Wentz - Gray

Pop punk's most prolific entrepreneur has, of course, turned his hand to the world of books. He followed up his kids book The Boy With The Thorn In His Side in 2013 with his debut novel, co-written with James Montgomery. Judging by the description, it holds a lot of parallels with the rockstar's own life, with an emo-infused subject matter worthy of a FOB lyric: "Life is a deep and contemplative story stuck on repeat--love, loss, self-destruction, self-discovery. If you could go back to the way things were before you made it...would everything still be gray?". Deep. £20.96, Amazon.


Gerard Way - The Umbrella Academy

Gerard's interest in the world of comics goes back long before his days with MCR, having previously interned at Marvel before he began writing for his own DC imprint. The Umbrella Academy series has drawn particular praise and comparisons to X-Men for its exploration of children fighting evil under the mentorship of a school leader. When that leader dies, they must reunite to fight off new villains. Further instalments are expected in the series next year. £12.44, Amazon.

Any more pop punk authors we should check out? Let us know below.