Things All Pop Punk Kids Have Secretly Searched For On Google

17 December 2015, 17:39 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

google pop punk search

By Alim Kheraj

Incognito mode & chill.

Google have revealed their top searches for 2015, which includes things like "Jurassic World", "New York", "Hello" (#AdelesImpact), and "How To Lose Belly Fat" *shy emoji*. 

But this got us thinking, right. What are the things that pop punk kids open that incognito browsing window for. What is it y'all don't want know one to see. We got PopBuzz Labs to looking into it and here are the results.

  • Can you die from eating week old pizza?
  • Is Hayley Williams really a unicorn?
  • how to remove black hair dye
  • Pitbull Timber with Kesha
  • i like one direction is something wrong with me?
  • MCR Reunion fanfic
  • does this mean im a belieber 
  • is halsey cool?
  • brendon urie shirtless
  • brendon urie topless
  • brendon urie minus clothes
  • brendon urie no shirt
  • britney spears baby one more time
  • do i hate my parents
  • 5sos tickets
  • what is pop punk
  • can you get green hair dye out of white clothes?
  • how to fix converses
  • one direction tattoos
  • how to be trash
  • does pizza grow on trees
  •  hayley williams phone number
  • how to walk in heels
  • how to remove eyeliner
  • pete wentz shirtless
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