What Does Your Pop Punk Horoscope Hold For 2016?

14 December 2015, 12:21 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Pop Punk Horoscopes

By Victoria Pavlova

PopBuzz knows your future!

We know you're just too punk for astrology. But does that mean you have to go into 2016 completely clueless? As always, PopBuzz has your back. Here's your 2016 horoscope, based on your absolute pop punk fave. Because let's be honest, we'd all be lost without the internet telling us what to do every single day of the year. 


Paramore press shot

2016 will be your year! Go out there and end all that "Misery Business" That experimental art you've been posting on your Tumblr will finally get the notice it deserves. And the stars might even align for that "Crush Crush Crush" you're "Still Not Over" to finally notice you. 

Blink 182

Jupiter is in retrograde and so is your ability to give a f**k about anything ever. You might ace all your exams this year, or run into Tom DeLonge himself on the street, but none of that really matters because 2016 is the year you're just over everything. Keep that spirit and crush next year, you celestial biscuit, you. 

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots

Have you been having some emotions in 2015, friend? You feeling a bit of angst? Too much Tyler and Josh'll do that to you. Don't relax just yet, because 2016 brings yet more inner turmoil and 2AM existential crises at Pizza Hut. You will reach peak Josh Dun Hun status in September.

5 Seconds of Summer


Your cardinal sign is 5SOS. This is your life now. You chose this fandom and there's no getting out alive. Expect to add another 5SOS signed poster to your collection every month in 2016. May will be a good month to dye your hair Michael Red.  

Fall Out Boy

April will bring new struggles as your faves end their tour and go back into hiding for a few months. Gather your strength and your Andy/Pete fan fiction and you will endure this trying time. December will bring a major surge in Fall Out Boy gifs, aka life. 

Avril Lavigne

404 File Not Found

Panic! at the Disco

brendon urie

2015 was full of ast-URIE-logical phenomena and the trend is set to continue into the new year. Prepare for an eventful 2016, because the deck is stacked in your favour. Take some initiative in January and you might find yourself in unexpected company. 

All Time Low

It's been a tough couple of years, but things are finally looking up for you. February will see you going on YouTube and whispering yaaaaaas one too many times.

Green Day

Green Day

2016 will see you keeping that flame alive and defending something very precious to you. Keep up your creativity and passion. If the stars align for you, you'll meet someone to share your Greenday-related crazy with. 

New Found Glory

Sorry, friend, the stars are not in your favour. Stock up on pizza and NFG albums - you probably shouldn't go out much in 2016.


Busted Press Shot

YAAAAS! Your patience will finally be rewarded in 2016, buttercup. This year will not be Tricky at all because the universe is about to bestow all its gifts upon you, starting May 2016!

A Day To Remember 

Much like 2015, 2016 will be the year when you don't even know wtf is going on half the time. That's alright though, you're too punk rock for this whole year anyway. 

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