It's Time For Pop Punk Boys To Stop Showing You Their D*cks

24 March 2017, 15:45 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

pop punk sexting
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

In the aftermath of the Moose Blood incident, how about we lay down a few obvious ground rules for bands in the scene.

Well. Here we are again... 

After the infamous Neck Deep and Front Porch Step incidents, we can now add Moose Blood to the long list of bands in the pop punk scene who have had to get rid of a member embroiled in some kind of sexual misconduct with a fan. 

This latest tale is pretty similar to the others, all of which tend to follow the same basic formula: a fan posts online accusations about being pressured for nudes and/or sex much to the shock of their fanbase who immediately leap to the artist's defence before screenshots emerge of the conversations and the offending band member is promptly shown the door while some poor record company intern dusts off their apology statement template and clicks send. Tale as old as time, still as gross as ever.


Following a story like this, we tend to read various press think pieces questioning why this particular genre of music with such a large female audience continues to deal in misogyny and become embroiled in such scandals. Inevitably, the fandom argues back that the scene is welcoming to all and it is just a case of a few bad eggs souring the pop punk omelette. And then it happens again. And the depressing cycle continues.


Basically pop punk boys, as a longtime fan, I am concerned. You keep condemning this pattern of poor sexual conduct towards your fans yet it keeps reoccurring. And, yes, while it is by no means all of you causing the problem, the scene at large has evidently failed in reeducating itself so, just like all the previous occasions, this Moose Blood story will likely soon be swept away and forgotten about. So, while we all wish we could leave it to record labels, concert promotors and your own fucking brains to police what is right and wrong, how about, just to prove all your 'haters' wrong, you all take it upon yourselves to read over this handy guide and remind yourselves of the level of fan interaction we expect of you...





SITUATION 1: A fan asks for an autograph after the show.

DO: Sign their ticket stub and move on with your life.

DON'T: Show them your dick.


SITUATION 2: A fan tweets you an image of their fanart of your band.

DO: Like or Retweet if you enjoy it, maybe with some kind of 'thank you' message.

DON'T: Show them your dick.


SITUATION 3: A fan posts a selfie on Instagram wearing a t shirt of your band.

DO: I mean, you could like it I guess but why are you searching for this on Insta in the first place? Bit weird...

DON'T: Show them your dick.


SITUATION 4: A fan does literally anything other than ask you to specifically show them your dick.

DO: Whatever is appropriate behaviour in that given situation. Use your brain ffs.

DON'T: Show them your dick.


Are we clear yet? Great. If anyone knows any staff at Warped Tour, can you pass on the above for staff training please? We're pretty sure it will be needed at some point soon.