10 Types Of Music Fans You've Definitely Met On Public Transport

17 November 2015, 16:43 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Public Transport

By Victoria Pavlova

Hard-hitting science.

Public transport is the best, said no one ever. A set of headphones may be the only thing separating you and your fellow humans from the unforgivable sin of eye contact. 

But did you know that the kind of music you pick says everything about you as a person? It's science. 

Here at PopBuzz, we've done rigorous testing and figured out the social hierarchy of public transport, based on musical choices, of course. If you've ever set foot on the tube, we guarantee you've encountered at least a few of these people.

1. The flawless Taylor Swift fan.

V jealous of your ability to pull off red lipstick and public dancing, tbh.

2. That one lone hipster guy.

No, I can't hear your music. Yes, I know you're listening to Bon Iver. The Urban Outfitters bag and stylish-yet-casual manbun gave it away.

3. The one who really wants you to hear his music.

You're too close and your music is too loud, Sir. One of those things has to change.

4. The diehard Kanye stan.

I know Graduation was a masterpiece, but nobody wants to hear it at stupid AM.

5. The future X Factor contestant.

Hello from the other side of my Starbucks, I still can't deal with your humming.

6. The lip syncing Christmas caroller.

I love you and I love Mariah, but Christmas is five weeks away, please control yourself.

7. The one, who keeps unplugging his headphones.

Who needs Get Off alerts when you've got this guy keeping you on your toes?

8. The one who doesn't have his/her headphones in.

How are you so calm amidst this chaos??? Teach me your ways, oh zen master.

9. The one, who's actually doing an interpretive dance next to you.

You know, I wasn't into it at first, but you do you, boo boo.

10. The one, who's low-key rocking out to Victorious.

Oh, hello, future husband.

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