Vaultboy: ‘My crush at 17? Hayley Williams. I was a huge Paramore fan’ | My Life In 20

15 February 2022, 15:24 | Updated: 15 February 2022, 15:36

Vaultboy - My Life In 20
Vaultboy - My Life In 20. Picture: Whiteboard
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If Valentine's Day let you down, then Vaultboy has something to pick you back up again.

Fresh from releasing his self-titled debut EP, the alt-pop artist has just dropped the video for 'i think i wanna text u', which finds Vaultboy thinking about doing something that's we've all done in moments of weakness whether we like to admit it or not: messaging an old flame.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the moving ballad, the Jacksonville, Florida native said: "I was alone in my room one night and missing this girl I don’t really talk to anymore. I wanted to text her, but instead of actually doing it, I put the feeling into this song. I think most of us, if not all, have someone who we miss and would love to reach out to (whether it’s a good idea or not). I hope that those people can relate to this song, and feel a little bit less alone."

To celebrate the release of his new EP, we asked Vaultboy to take a trip down memory lane to answer our My Life In 20 questions. Read those after the jump and watch the 'i think i wanna text u' video below.

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vaultboy - i think i wanna text u (Official Music Video)

20) What movie could you watch 20 times over and not get bored?

Spirited Away.

19) What topic could you talk about for 19 minutes straight without preparing?

I’m ashamed to admit it but the first thing that came to my head was “myself”.

18) What was the most important thing to happen in your life when you were 18?

Moving out to go to college! I had a little apartment by myself but was not used to living alone. It was a rough time, but I grew a ton and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

17) Who was your crush at 17?

Hayley Williams, probably. I was a huge Paramore fan in high school.

16) What can you remember about your 16th birthday?

It’s a little bit sad honestly. I had a small party where I invited my close friends and family. The sad part was the majority of my friends didn’t show up. Looking back, it taught me to keep my real friends close, and not get too attached to people outside of that.

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Vaultboy. Picture: WHITEBOARD

15) What did you hate at 15 which you love now?

Honestly, I was so weird with food when I was younger, and when I was 15 I didn’t like steak. I had a lot to learn about food, because now I love steak and most of the foods I wouldn’t touch when I was 15.

14) What TV show were you obsessed with at 14?

Avatar: The Last Airbender. Still very obsessed to this day.

13) 13 is unlucky for some. Do you have anything that you’re superstitious about?

To quote Michael Scott: “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious…” But yeah, I’m not a very superstitious person if I’m being honest! I broke mirrors for a music video and that turned out okay.

12) If you could live the life of any other person for 12 hours, who would you be?

Harry Styles, because, honestly, I just want to know what he’s thinking on a daily basis. Like, what does he do on a normal day?!

11) Who was your best friend when you were 11?

Joe, and he’s still one of my best friends! First thing I think of is playing video games together (which we still do weekly lol!)

vaultboy - rocket science (Official Music Video)

10) Which bad habit do you hope to have quit in 10 years’ time?

Procrastinating, although I’m not sure if I’ll ever really stop if I’m being honest.

9) What was your biggest fear when you were 9?

When I was young, I was scared of the dark, and when I was 9, I had to have my blinds closed if it was dark outside because I was always afraid someone was going to look into my window. Fast forward a few years, one of my neighbourhood friends decided it would be funny to come over and use my window instead of the front door, and I thought I was going to DIE!

8) When you were 8, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A singer. :)

7) Which of the seven deadly sins are you most guilty of?

Gluttony, because after midnight all I want to do is eat sweets and I have a lot of trouble stopping myself.

6) You can invite six people to your dream dinner party (dead or alive), who would you invite?

Jack Harlow, Finneas, Doja Cat, Charlie Puth, Emma Watson, and Caption Yami from Black Clover (fictional but would be a great addition). I don’t know if this group would mesh well, but it would be lit for sure.

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Vaultboy. Picture: WHITEBOARD

5) Name five things you can't live without.

My homies, my guitar, my computers (my gaming PC and my MacBook Pro), my Reebok C 85s, and Japanese curry.

4) Describe yourself in four words.

Energetic. Loyal. Emotional. Funny-ish.

3) Your top three songs of all time.

I don’t want to be held to these answers but the first three that I thought of are: Sody - 'Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored' feat. Cavetown, Dawes - 'A Little Bit Of Everything', and Tom Waits - 'Take It With Me'.

2) Name two things on your bucket list.

Play a show at Red Rock Amphitheatre. Stay in a castle in Italy that has its own vineyard.

1) Who or what is your one true love?

I’m gonna let fate answer this, but for now, let's say music!

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