Would You Let Your Faves Make Your Love Letters Into A Song?

10 December 2015, 17:04 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

'Cos it could happen...

Remember when you had that major crush on someone at school? 

The crush you kept thinking about during class but were too scared to ask to the school dance? 

The crush you wrote a poem or letter or diary entry about?

Well imagine 10 years later having one of your fave bands make that letter into a song and releasing it on the web - because that's what just happened to one guy!


Nat Miller wrote a sickly sweet poem to his crush Laurel when he was just 14 and now CHVRCHES have turned it into an actual song, entitled "Laurel".

Loneliness is a book without words / A guitar song without chords / A romantic night without a moon / A love song without a tune / Laurel, Laurel.

Nat Miller, "Laurel"

This was all for The Mortified Podcast and their new section "The Mortified Muse" where they will challenge bands to make something of these youthful musings. So who knows, maybe in the coming weeks one of your old diary entries could become an actual song by an actual band!

Listen to "Laurel" at around the 25 minute mark below:

Bless him.

Ain't young love beautiful?


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