16 Scandalous Music Confessions That'll Make You Rethink Everything

26 November 2015, 15:40 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Music Confessions

By Alim Kheraj

These are our confessions (via Whisper).

We've all got musical confessions, whether it's your secret love of Pitbull (me), the fact that you've never heard of Bob Dylan or that you'd, secretly, rather go and see Taylor Swift than Fall Out Boy. And now, thanks to the Whisper App, we've unearthed some of the most scandalous confessions and they are GLORIOUS. 


Sometimes I cry because I know that when I grow up all the good music stars will be too old to sing anymore like Ariana Grande


I listen to screamo/growl music, alternative rap, and punk rock. Secretly I love one direction.❤️


Am I the only person who thinks Adele's music is just boring?


I listen to stuff like BMTH , BVB and MIW but I also like Justin Bieber's new music


I love John Mayer's music so much


I listen to Hannah Montana music (not Mileys new stuff)... 20/M


I'm a 23 year old guy who is in a frat. My music consists of hip hop/rap and Taylor Swift.  #ilovetswift


Sometimes, like right now, when I'm home alone I like to scream the lyrics to high school musical while I dance


I hate Christmas music. There. I said it.


I think adele has a better voice than beyonce....there I said it


Sometimes I feel guilty for skipping songs on my phone like I'm sorry song I love you I'm just not in the mood for you rn I'll come back later though


Unpopular opinion: live music sucks


Unpopular opinion: I think Nickelback is a really good bad and I really enjoy their music.


Music can make Me Cry


It was the summer of 2001, Joe meets Partick and he&squot;s like "yo, I know about music", and...


80s music turns me on...

What are your musical confessions? Let us know down below pls.

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