Want To See A Picture Of Adam Lambert With A Zebra?

30 September 2015, 09:07 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Adam Lambert With a Zebra Cover

By Alim Kheraj

Oh my...

Everyone's favourite flamboyant popstar Adam Lambert has low-key released a proper pop belter of an album with The Original High, not to mention the banger that is "Ghost Town". 

The singer has now appeared in arts magazine SCHÖN! in a rather bizarre shoot with a...zebra? 

Called Misty, the zebra accompanied Lambert in his monochrome shoot. 

Look at this madness...

Adam Lambert With a Zebra 1


Not only did Lambert play around with Misty in the shoot, but he also had some rather interesting things to say about his latest album.

"I think this one is more focused and it feels more grounded," the singer said of The Original High. "I feel like as a performer, I feel more confident than I ever have in what I'm able to do and in creating these songs I didn't feel like "Oh I have to prove something." It didn't feel like that this time. It felt like "I want to feel something”."

We totes agree, don't you?

Tbh, it takes someone more confident than us to pose like this...

Adam Lambert With a Zebra 2

The singer also discussed his personal image and how, at times, it can be misconstrued.

Talking to the magazine, Lambert said: "I think when you wear eccentric clothing and you perform confidently on stage it's easy to assume someone is an asshole or a diva or whatever and I don't think I am. I'm sure I've had my moments but I think I'm pretty friendly.

"I think one of the other misconceptions is that a lot of the ideas and creativity doesn't come from me. Maybe because of where I came from with American Idol or whatever. I think sometimes people go "Why is the label making you do this". No one's making me do anything. OK, I’m doing it. It is a team effort."

Poor Adam :( 

Oh, here's one more picture of him with a zebra...

Adam Lambert With a Zebra 3

Meanwhile, the singer will release "Another Lonely Night" as the next single from The Original High.  Listen to the track below.

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