WTF? This Guitarist Punched A Fan Mid-Show & The Reason Is Absolutely WILD

2 November 2016, 13:47 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

alien ant farm assault
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

A not-so-smooth criminal...

Remember Alien Ant Farm? They did that rocked-up cover of MJ's "Smooth Criminal" a few years back. Plus they had a couple of other (well, one other) hits like "Movies" that did the rounds on various music video request channels in the pre-YouTube era. 

Ya know, these guys.


Well, turns out they are still around today and, in a weird twist, their guitarist just pled guilty to assaulting a fan at a gig because he "assumed" he had been hit by urine. Yep, that happened.

The band were playing in Chester in the north of England at the Live Rooms venue on Wednesday October 26th when guitarist Terry Corso jumped off stage mid-show and hit fan Richard Newton in the face.

Now, as we've discussed before, assaults on fans are no laughing matter and gig venues should always be a safe space. 

However, the reason Terry Corso gave for punching Mr Newton is completely ridiculous, as detailed in a statement from Corso's lawyer:

Two days before in Preston someone threw urine at the singer [Dryden Mitchell] and they all stormed off stage. Then on the 26th in Chester, Terry Corso had something thrown at him which he assumed was urine. He felt angry at that so he confronted the fan and ended up hitting him once. He regrets his actions and says he never should have jumped off the stage. 

Stephen Ferns, Solicitor via The Chester Standard

Wow. Just wow.

Do the members of Alien Ant Farm now spend their days constantly on the lookout for potential blasts of urine flying through the air at them? You need to sort this urine problem out immediately or soon you'll be punching the porcelain every time you need to go to the little boys room.

Sadly there is no footage of the incident available but we presume it looked something like this:


After pleading guilty, Corso was given a two month conditional discharge and ordered to pay prosecution costs of £85, plus £100 compensation to Mr Newton and a victim surcharge of £20. So, all resolved then.

Just one final question though - when he jumped into the crowd and hit the fan, afterwards, did he utter the phrase...


...a smoooth criminal! Because that would have taken the sting out of things at least a little bit!

Alien Ant Farm will continue to dodge p*ss as their UK tour continues this month.

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