The 1975 Fans Are Angry Because ANOTHER Band Just "Copied" Their Artwork

2 June 2017, 14:21 | Updated: 2 June 2017, 16:42

Arcade Fire The 1975 Artwork
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The Arcade Fire's new single art looks familiar and can we PLEASE stop doing this now?! We're so tired...

Well, here we are again. Another album release, another accusation of thievery by fans of The 1975.

Yes, after the iconic neon signage of the Manchester band's second album era was seemingly co-opted by everyone from Fall Out Boy to Bon Jovi to the UK government, social media has once again lit up as the Arcade Fire unveiled their latest single, entitled 'Everything Now', complete with a dramatic press shot of a neon sign set against an epic landscape.

Yep, looks pretty familiar.

Obviously, The 1975 fans were straight in and ready to point out the similarities.




And, as expected, there were also those quick to shout about The 1975 having "not invented neon".




Anyone else getting a major sense of déja vu?

Seriously though, regardless of whether or not you think The 1975 (and, more importantly, their photographer and designer Samuel Burgess Johnson) are getting a raw deal, can we PLEASE all just call time on the whole 'neon sign against a landscape' style of music promo. I think we can all agree by now that it is well and truly done right?

(Although, for the record, we're team Matty).

Sorry about it.

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