Bhad Bhabie is being called out for using a disabled parking badge in an Instagram video

30 September 2019, 16:02 | Updated: 30 September 2019, 16:12

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"People who are handicapped have a hard time finding spots. This is just disrespectful."

By now you probably know that parking in spaces specifically allocated to people with disabilities when you're not living with a disability is something you should just not do. Like, ever. Well, it appears Bhad Bhabie didn't get that memo.

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The 'Bestie' rapper was spotted with a blue badge in her car and, understandably, she's getting called out for it.

47 Meters Down Uncaged Premiere - Los Angeles, Bhad Bhabie car video.
47 Meters Down Uncaged Premiere - Los Angeles, Bhad Bhabie car video. Picture: PA Images, @bhadbhabie via Instagram

Basically, it all started when Bhad Bhabie shared a clip of herself in the car on Instagram. In the video, it looks like she's having a heated discussion on the phone while a friend is filming it all from the outside. "Who y'all think had me this mad," she captioned the video.

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In the comment section, Bhad Bhabie fans added their guesses (mostly believing it to be her rumoured boyfriend NBA YoungBoy), but then others noticed the blue wheelchair badge hanging from her interior mirror.

"Why you got a handicap sign…," an Instagram user asked. Bhad Bhabie then replied: "Cuz I wanna park where tf I want." Y-I-K-E-S.

Now, it's possible that Bhad Bhabie may not be the owner of the car (but she probably should have taken the badge out, if so…), or she is living with a disability she may not want to disclose. However, it looks like the majority of people believed she was trolling.

Bhad Bhabie comments.
Bhad Bhabie comments. Picture: @bhadbhabie via Instagram

Whatever the real reason, her response did not go down well.

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